North Lykken Trail from W. Crescent Drive

Palm Springs, CA
North Lykken Trail from W. Crescent Drive is a 1.7 mile out and back trail located near Palm Springs, CA that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is accessible year-round.

1.7 miles 816 feet Out & Back
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Directions from Palm Springs, CA: Travel Interstate 10 to the exit at California Route 111. Proceed approximately 9 miles taking a right at Tramway Road. Go 3.5 miles up Chino Canyon.

D. S.
5 months ago

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Quite simply my favorite place to hike, which I do 4 days a week.

Eduardo Fragoso
11 months ago

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John Savage
2 years ago

16 Completed13 Reviews

I went up this tram on my Birthday! Forgot I was afraid of heights a bit! Great ride for all that love plenty of height with fantastic views. The tram floor actually rotates in a circle so all can see the 360 degree view. I went outside at the top where there was snow and 33 degrees! I should have prepared better. Due to my fear of heights on this trip, I di not hike. I drank a few beers and called it a day. Looks like a great hide away..... if you live in Palm Springs.

Carlos Abrille
2 years ago

1117 Completed427 Reviews

I’ve been curious lately about hiking a path up the Tramway lower station. Not all the way to the lower station but only up to the forest area before the station that looks like a jungle. There’s a wash from there that go all way down to Hwy 111 (North Palm Canyon). Just to check if there was a name to this wash or maybe it’s a trail. Went to AllTrails to do a search and typed in Aerial Tramway to check if the topo map shows the name of this trail? If it’s even known as a trail, as it turns out, it’s not a trail or show any known trail along that wash.

Anyway this is about the top station. Which I’ve been to countless times, in fact the last time was Easter 2013. Wanted to get away from the desert heat down at the valley, it’s one of the best place to go besides Big Bear. Ended up hiking the two easy short trails adjacent to the top station where you have to descend about a quarter mile down a winding concrete sidewalk. I can still remember the sights and sounds that day, because it was windy and the sound of the pine trees with the wind blowing created a relaxing whistle.

If it's your first time in Coachella Valley? the Aerial Tramway is a must see. This city became known because a lot of Hollywood movie stars own a home here. It’s second to Golf Course and Tennis because major tournaments are held here and not to forget the International Film Festival which take place in January. The third reason to see this place; is the Marilyn Monroe statue, while it’s here! It’s on loan and will be leaving Palm Springs to go to another State around May or June of 2014. So! While it’s here try to see this statue and perhaps may be even have a photograph taken with her! :)

James Klein
2 years ago

76 Completed8 Reviews

After an exciting trip up from the valley on the Palm Springs Tramway we chose to take one of the easy hikes near the tram station. The Desert View trail is an easy 2.1 mile loop that takes you past 5 scenic viewpoints and a mountain meadow. On a clear day (without haze) the views into the valley are quite beautiful. If you are primarily interested in the tramway ride with a short hike, this is the way to go.

John Kershaw III
3 years ago

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My girlfriend and I took the Round Valley 4.7 mile hike. There are a total of 54 miles of great hiking up here (elevation 8,500-10,800 ft.) Take the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway up the mountain to the top station (elevation 8,500). Be sure to monitor your breathing, the higher altitude makes it a bit tougher. Be sure to dress for the weather, it is typically 35 degrees cooler than it is in Palm Springs. Also be sure to take plenty of water. GREAT hike!!

Jenai Morehead
3 years ago

40 Completed5 Reviews

Taking the Tram to the top of the mountain is a treat I never get tired of. When you get to the top there are 54 miles of trails you can wear yourself out on. At the Mountain station there is a viewing deck, restroom, a couple restaurants, gift shop etc. I have taken the Desert view Trail, the Nature wlk trail and the trail up to Round Valley. I never get tired of this place. Beautiful in the winter and all year round. The temperature is about 20 degrees cooler than the valley so in the summer its sweet and in the winter its sho nuff cold but the views are breath taking! Check the trail maps and the website before you go.