Porter Ranch: Aliso Canyon, Palisades, Sesnon And Limekiln Trails

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Porter Ranch: Aliso Canyon, Palisades, Sesnon And Limekiln Trails is a 8 mile out and back trail located near Porter Ranch, California and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Caleb Jones (173)

5 Completed5 Reviews

This is an easy hike 3.8 miles round trip if you leave Aliso park toward Sesnon and back. Brisk walkers can do it in an hour. Horse an bike trail too so pay attention on blind curves but not too many people. Natural setting with seasonal streams. Nice!

Fern Campos (82)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Limekiln Canyon is another treasured gem for MTB riders in the north San Fernando Valley area. The trail starts at the top right off of Tampa Bd and Sesnon. The trail is only 1.7 miles and has a great variety . . . short/steep single trail, crumbly old asphalt, two stream crossings and a major jump half way down (if you have the guts to go off of it, please keep in mind that this is a blind jump; have someone ride ahead and give you the go ahead so that you don't hit a hiker). This trail is great for working on technique and is great for all skill levels.

Emilio Rivera (228)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Nice easy hike, lots of various trails you can follow. Feels like you're in some part of Washington or somewhere, definitely a good place to go to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cool creek you can follow and an abandoned car that drove off of the high overpass lol

Tony Orozco (173)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Not a bad trail. 1.71 miles from Rinaldi to Senson. Nice creek, easy trail, hills are easy unless you run up the hills; then they can be moderate. They have some pull up bars there too so you can continue a work out.

Scott Miller (2015)

23 Completed23 Reviews

I've seen tracks for Limekiln the Canyon Trail and tracks for Alisa Canyon Trail but none that connected the two until I just added one today. Pick a beautiful morning after a windswept night and bring a camera to capture the sights!

Ariadna K. (85)

Very Awesome Local Get Away!

Matina G (172)

4 Completed3 Reviews

If you need to go for a non challenging romantic stroll, this is definitely the place. It feels like your somewhere far away in Oregon or Washington. Benches and streams and enormous trees. Gorgeous!!!

Carolyn Lewis (67)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Carolyn Lewis (67)

1 Completed2 Reviews

I like this trail... have hiked parts of it & have never reached the end. I started from the end one day - in error. And I walked 3-1/3 (according to my pedometer) another day.- so I think it may be an 8 mile trail! But, it seems to have alot of branch trails along the way.

Darrel Wilson (906)

23 Completed26 Reviews

Fun and quick. Its onlt about 2 miles. I dont know where 8 miles came from