Rae Lakes Loop Trail

#3 of 65 trails in Kings Canyon National Park

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Rae Lakes Loop Trail is a 46 mile loop trail located near Dunlap, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from August until September.



5 Completed 5 Reviews

Amazing trip. Do it and don't delay.



5 Completed 1 Reviews

Amazing hike. It was scenic at every turn, plenty of water, very strenuous, and worth every step. You get a two for one being on the John Muir Trail and the PCT for part of it. Can't wait to go back!



2 Completed 2 Reviews

just did this trail in july with 2 buddies, the whole journey is full or breath taking views. the hike is hard at times but not too bad, its hard to hike when everywhere you look you want to take pictures, lots of wild life bear keg is mandatory we saw 4 on our trip . once you get to rae lakes its unbelievable and the pass is just as amazing ! we made the trip in the summer and slept in hammocks witch I recommend to anyone! just make sure you bring a tarp we got a pretty heavy rain our last night.



2 Completed 1 Reviews

Pics and videos here: http://trrrip.com/t/34

This is the quintessential backpacking trip through the sierras. This trail seriously has it all. From canyons, valleys, creeks, meadows, alpine lakes, stairs, cliffsides, and a nice 12,000ft pass - in 7,000ft of elevation gain. If there's one backpacking trip you do in your life - this is it.




7 Completed 1 Reviews

Absolutely stunning trail. We did it two summers ago in June and had a blast. Challenging but not too tough, we did it over three nights and had plenty of time to take in God's country as well as bumble our way around some early season obstacles (lots of trees down that year).

One of the highlights was being told by a couple loop hikers (we did it mid-week, almost zero traffic) that the pass was impossible at this time without ice gear. Once on the PCT section, we met some thru-hikers who encouraged us that it was "intense, but totally doable". We camped at Rae Lakes, got up early and hit the trail up just as the sun was on it; the sweet spot of not ice, but not yet mush. By the time we were at the top and coming down the other side it started to get a little sketch, but the worst was behind us and we safely made it. Unforgettable experience. To top it all off, I did most (-snow) in my Vibram 5 Finger Sprints.



4 Completed 1 Reviews

Beautiful and amazing!! I'd do it again and again! There is so much water, make sure you pack light!