Rattlesnake Bar-Horseshoe Bar Trail

#3 of 8 trails in Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Rattlesnake Bar-Horseshoe Bar Trail is a 4.7 mile out and back trail located near Newcastle, CA and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

4.7 miles 115 feet Out & Back
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Matt Devine
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Very green with lots of pretty flowers.

Keith Husted
2 months ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

Beautiful trail. Extremely easy so kids will have no problems.

Bethany Cox
4 months ago

37 Completed31 Reviews

Great for training! Pretty, and great for running.

Liz Koster
1 year ago

3 Completed2 Reviews

I ran this trail mid morning in October. It was painfully dry and hot. This would be a fabulous trail to run in the winter/spring.

Kelley Maddox
3 years ago

30 Completed6 Reviews

Not a great trail. Really more or less of a horse trail. We saw 9 horses and riders along the trail but no other hikers. The trail was difficult to follow sometimes and difficult to tell where the Bars were and which ones were which. Given the drought the lake is very low. The trail is very narrow in places and full of weeded, dry stickers. The environment is very dry and provides little beauty. Given that there are so many other rewarding hikes in the area I would skip this one. Additionally, the parking area was closed off to cars so be prepared to add some extra time on both ways (up to 1/2 mile) each way but at least entry was free.

Erica Roberts
3 years ago

3 Completed1 Reviews

It's a really nice trail, especially nice for riding our horses,

Rich Plecker
4 years ago

59 Completed16 Reviews

Aside from the entry which is an annoyance, the trail itself is not too bad. The route is pretty flat and easy, so I would recommend it only for hikers starting out. If you have any level of fitness at all this won't be much of a challenge, but there some interesting things to see here and there along the way

Claire Marshall
4 years ago

2 Completed3 Reviews

You have to bring $10 cash to pay the incompetant ranger at the gate. Do not ask the taker of the $10 where any trail is located because they do not know anything about the park they work at. That said we found the wrong trailhead on a very hot day, we will try to find it again someday. There are no picnic tables and not much to do unless you have a boat.