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Red Hills Loop is a 8.2 mile loop trail located near Jamestown, California. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

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Manuel S. (236)

Christina Santos (271)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Went on Labor Day, noontime so it was quite hot. Horses are allowed on the trail and there were two ahead of us. Be prepared to encounter fresh horse manure is what I'm trying to say. Hike is pretty easy. Not a lot of shade at the beginning of the trail so make sure you wear a hat and cool clothing, and plenty of water. Since we were hiking with a big dog, we were not able to finish the 8-mile loop but will definitely return for another trek.

Miguel Morales (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This trail sucks is not worth the time there's zero people hiking it so in case of an emergency you are on your own. I went this last Sunday and my dog got bit by something and I couldn't get him out fast enough there was absolutely nobody not even in the parking lot. This place sucks I don't recommend it

John Frye (84)

6 Completed1 Reviews

I hike this trail often in the summer, it's a great place to train for arid heat. Yesterday I got a real treat -- 2 bald eagles near the farthest point from the north parking area (marked "27" on soaproot trail on the ACEC map). Absolutely stunning. I've read that they only come here in the winter, so this was a surprise.

Michael Erisman (50)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I have been on this trail countless times and have noticed that this trail's rating depends greatly on the time of year. During spring, a few weeks after a heavy rain, when the flowers are blooming it is a beautiful trail for new or even young hikers (my first time I completed the 12 mile loop I was about 9 or 10 started hiking when I could walk). In the summer months however this trail just plain out sucks, it can get easily into the 100°s and like someone said earlier there is little to no water (the only source of water that i can remember is a creek way in the back that does not run for the back half of summer). In the end I would suggest if you want a short day hike to give this trail a try it will be well worth your time on a nice spring day.

John Thompson (529)

13 Completed12 Reviews

I have lived in the area a long time but never hiked the trail before. I always thought this was mainly a horseback trail but I see now that many people hike and even try to bicycle the trail too. Well, I took my Garmin out and headed counter clockwise and I quickly began to find the many places were the the trail splits off to the right, thereby enlarging the loop. I stayed to the left for the most part and still managed over 5 miles. I did, however feel that it may be possible to wander about for weeks out here, there were so many trails veering off all around. Yes there are hills and yes they are red. But it's hard to notice them with so many rocks to stumble over. Wear shoes with good ankle support. This place is a rock-hounds dream and a well-diggers nightmare. I saw a family of very unhappy bicyclists pushing their two-wheelers up the rocky slopes. I don't think this was what they expected, so beware if you are planning to bring the little ones here for a ride. Because of the great accessibility, maintenance and miles of different trails to check out, I give it a four star rating. When I have time to explore further I will be back out there on this one.

John Truncali (381)

9 Completed4 Reviews

Nice hike the trails aren't so bad little rocky but I like that. The trails could be marked better. Make sure you use your GPS or you can get really sideways and find yourself doing a lot more than you need to. Be prepared to carry lots of water no water on the trails whatsoever. Also be prepared to spend a lot of alone time I think we ran into maybe one other person on the trail.

robert swan (48)

1 Completed1 Reviews

OK....this is a great running trail (5 stars on that!). However, there is no water on the trail. None. Zero. I wound up running a pretty hot 13 + miler out on these trails (I got turned around on some trails below overlook and near-ish to the reservoir) but I carried 2 -liters of water in my camelback...I used every drop. Be prepared here. Finally, the advice about carrying a good map and/or GPS is no joke ...especially if this is your first time here. My 8 miler turned into a 13 miler because the trails are not well marked and I made one wrong turn. Now I know and will be more vigilant next time. I was far too casual in my approach here...this is no city is a hot, red rock wilderness with zero amenities (other than a bathroom at the trailhead) and not much shade. It's all good if you prepare for it...but not so good if you don't. Finally, if you go counterclockwise, there is less signage and (I think) it is easier to get turned around. Start at the trailhead near the bathrooms and go clockwise...I think it is more hospitable and marked much better.

Nicholas Hartzler (227)

4 Completed3 Reviews

IF YOU ARE RIDING A BIKE. I would not recommend it. Way too rocky. Spent well over 70% of my time pushing my bike up the hills. Other then that its really nice

Jim Mcintire (621)

13 Completed2 Reviews

Parts of this trail are beautiful but other parts are fairly bland (for the area). The stagecoach trail is fun because it gives you a good idea of what it must have been like traveling in this area in the 1800's. There are a lot of unmarked splits and side-trails that sometimes make it difficult to stay on track. Highly recommend GPS in case a wrong turn is made.