Redwood Grove Loop Trail

#1 of 17 trails in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

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Redwood Grove Loop Trail is a 1 mile loop trail that meanders through shady redwood forest to the John C Fremont Tree. The trail is primarily used for camping, hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

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Martin Pelikan (98)

5 Completed3 Reviews

Breck Tuttle (52280)

345 Completed350 Reviews

Spent several hours walking the loop. Was lucky to have a volunteer walk with we telling all about the plants and trees. Really enjoyed his sharing.

Tiffany Lillebo (147)

19 Completed1 Reviews

Dogs not allowed on loop trail (redwood) only pipeline and meadow

Toney Barber (276)

2 Completed1 Reviews

This was a really nice hike, taken with the family and a friend. A bit too busy for my liking but not a bad trail for a casual stroll while enjoying the forest.

Ryan Vogel (561)

5 Completed1 Reviews

It was a fun tail and after It you can eat lunch at the river

Kat Prichard (3331)

51 Completed50 Reviews

Alexandra F. (112)

Perfect hike for families, since there are challenges for little ones, smooth trails for the challenged and it is not too long for anyone. There is so much to discover and share, it is a delightful place for an intergenerational activity!

Guy Churchward (707)

9 Completed10 Reviews

Nice quick hike that stretches the legs.. Parked up off Graham Hill road and walked down to Roaring camp for an Ice cream.. Back up through the park to Bear Mountian, the Redwood fairy ring and the car.. 1/2 uphill and 1/2 down

Jason King (245)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Great place to go if have small kids or just want an easy walk through a beautiful park. Lots of trails that are all in the shade which provides a very cool atmosphere. Walk amongst the redwoods or next to a stream. Whatever your in the mood for this makes for a very easy beautiful walk.

Jay Sharky (557)

24 Completed7 Reviews

Let me start by saying what a wonderful park I think this is. The park has something for everyone, you can go on a long hike or come for a quick stroll through the redwoods. The main entrance charges $10 per car for parking, but there are two small parking lots off the road where you can park free of charge. I recommend showing up early though, as these small lots fill up quickly. I've come to the park twice now and it seems its one of the more popular places to go but even then you're not fighting a crowd on the trails.

There are designated trails for mountain bikers as well as horse back riders so the park is open to a large group of people with various interests. On my hike I also discovered the Garden of Eden area which is a beautiful, but crowded, swimming hole. Whatever you like to do, you can probably do it here!

From the main entrance, you can take a self guided tour of some beautiful redwoods which should take about half an hour and is great for people who just want a quick stroll. The trail around the redwoods is flat and easy, a lot of families were out for a walk. once you get past the redwood grove you get to the heart of the park. You can take a dirt path or a paved trail (great for runners) through the park. The park is in the Santa Cruz Sandhills so the terrain gets mountainous quickly. If you head towards the center of the park you'll find an overlook where you can stop to admire the mountains and have a picnic. Be warned, they don't call them the sandhills for nothing. The trail to the top will remind you of a walk on the beach and the shade from the redwoods will disappear quickly leaving you out in the open sun. Bring a bottle of water if you make the ascent to the overlook! There are multiple trails through the park so its easy to explore a different area or take a different trail if you come back. Just an awesome park overall!