Rubicon Trail

#1 of 3 trails in D. L. Bliss State Park

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Rubicon Trail is a 8 mile out and back trail located near south lake tahoe, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until September.

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Katrina Kimber (71)

3 Completed3 Reviews

I hike this at least once a year! Great hike to bring new people. So pretty and very easy. Make sure you hike ALL the way to the top of Eagle Falls for lunch, not just to Vikingsholm.

Connie Bowland (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Such beautiful views of the lake! Take polarized sunglasses !

Kerry Golub (57)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Amazing views! I've hiked it twice and I recommend it to everyone. I agree it's a moderate hike. An even amount of up and down, shade and sun, and some rock climbing.

Darrell Bosacki (424)

13 Completed4 Reviews

Spectacular views!

Christian Jones (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Anais Tomlinson (714)

41 Completed7 Reviews

Pretty easy trail, has some nice views of the lake. Kind of the same scenery for an 8 mile hike though.

Annabell Vasilkov (53)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Easy trail with the most amazing view. My friend and I decided to run the trail, 'twas perfect.

Christina Mason (67)

2 Completed2 Reviews

I am new to hiking in the Tahoe area, so I was looking for something easy on the eyes with good views and within my physical ability. This was perfect! It is a fairly flat trail and I would rate it as easy except for one or two more moderate spots. The trail is clearly marked and the views of the lake and Emerald Bay are exceptional. This is a very do-able trail and you can make it a good long hike, like I did, or you can turn around. Either way, you won't miss out on the beauty that is Lake Tahoe.

Rachael Simon (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

beautiful views of the lake and a great hike.

Kaahl Solbergolito (148)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Relatively easy trail with views of the lake. Recommend it!