Shady Canyon Trail

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One way trail through Shady Canyon Private Community

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Barbara Guterac-Briones (86)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I truly enjoyed hiking the trail this morning. It's a well kept trail with plenty of natural Southern California nature to enjoy. It does have some moderate hills, but like it is said "what goes up, must come down" which can lead to relief. Contrary to the trails name, "Shady Canyon trail" there is absolutely no shade, so I recommend one brings a hat and lots of water; especially, if one brings their 4 legged child. Looking forward to running this trail next weekend. Happy trailing

Spencer Kirksey (84)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Perfect for hill interval sprints and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Julie Kim (175)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Chris Leschke (1100)

19 Completed16 Reviews

Short hike through the grounds of a gated residential community. The trail is well marked and there is a separate paved path for bikes. Good for walking the dog or jogging. There is very little shade, despite the name of the trail, so plan to wear sun screen if you burn easily.

Donovan S. (227)

Easy nice trail

Greg Blackman (313)

9 Completed3 Reviews

Caroline Gergen (283)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Great, easy hike. Awesome for trail running, and had a paved road, separate from pedestrian walkway, for biking. Dog friendly, and had drinking fountains. Although, my friend and I got lost and could joy find the trail head from the directions given on the map. Park in the recreation center off sunny hill and shady canyon.

Marc Nitz (1667)

43 Completed23 Reviews

Very pretty, easy loop with the kids.

Kevin Poch (8972)

83 Completed78 Reviews

Nice easy hike in Irvine. Did this in the evening. Not something you would call a mountain hike, but a hill hike I guess. The dirt trail runs along a paved bike road and crosses a few bridge. I did this one to Turtle Rock Park which is another mile and a half or so. It's a good small conditioning trail during weekdays for those that only have time for big weekend hikes. Views of the city below at night made it worth it

Ron O. (129)

15 Completed1 Reviews

Didn't notice it was a point to point at first, thinking it was a loop, I went a little far and had to double back to get back to my car but overall fun experience...