Shelf Road Trail

#17 of 132 trails in Los Padres National Forest
Shelf Road Trail is a 3.5 mile out and back trail located near Ojai, CA and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and mountain biking and is accessible from March until November.

3.5 miles 413 feet Out & Back
camping hiking mountain biking
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Raymond Rayce
28 days ago

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The parking is very limited, but I think that's part of what makes it more enjoyable. Definitely crossed paths with a handful of people but it never felt over saturated.

I enjoy that you can walk or run this trail and still have a great experience. As mentioned with other trails I've reviewed, I enjoyed that you can either knock the trail out and head home, or you can use this trail as a warm up and head to one of the other trails. We used this one to head for Foothill trail and ended up hiking way longer than expected.

There are adequate amounts of signage, so just go with the flow and hit whatever you have the time and endurance for.


Erica Nickerson
1 month ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Easy and beautiful. Nice for a quick walk.

Desiree Luethy
2 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

beautiful views... love the off trail path.

Allana Katz
2 months ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Great easy hike with amazing views of the valley!! Fun to do with family and dogs.

Jill F.
2 months ago

Michael Trevor
3 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

This is definitely an easier hike with gradual inclines and declines. It is all pretty well graded so the path is clear and easy to navigate. Parking is limited to about 10 cars at most at the trailhead--not sure where you would park if that was full.

There are some great loop trails that you can take from this hike. I think it was called Fox Canyon Trail loop (near the end of this and one after Luci's Trail) has a information board that shows the different paths you can take off of Shelf. There is even a paper map you can take with you. We took Fox Canyon Trail which was a steep switchback that connected to Luci's Trail. This adventure was more strenuous but offered great views and a great workout--would rate it as moderate to hard due to incline--and added about an hour onto the hike.

Chris Dubeau
4 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Nice view, fun, easy, and great for families. However, don't go on Monday mornings around 9 because you will hear trash trucks and it kills the mood

Alexandra Dubeau
4 months ago

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Bree Laubacher
5 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail for families! Our two boys (ages 8 and 5) had no problem keeping up...makes for a fun family

Michael Delgado
6 months ago

12 Completed4 Reviews

Cool beans
Go when the suns starting to set.. Nice views of the vista.. Cool rock formations one around the bin..

Oscar Tadeo
2 years ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

This is a nice hike. It gives you a beautiful overview of Ojai valley. The path is a dirt road about 1.5 miles ( 3 miles round trip). I saw multiple couples that seem near by residents going on a walk.

Sherin Kurian
3 years ago

15 Completed6 Reviews

Easy hike. Not shaded but thankfully it wasn't painfully hot. Amazing beautiful views of the valley. Saw an Eastern Kingsnake halfway down! It was harmless and was merely crossing the path. It does look like a fun trail to bike on as well.

April Gonzalez
3 years ago

1 Completed2 Reviews

awesome easy hike with amazing views of Ojai valley. would be really pretty at sunset.

Whitney Hall
3 years ago

19 Completed4 Reviews

This is a beautiful, easy walking or running trail that overlooks the Ojai Valley. It's easily accessible: just drive to the top of Signal and you're there! It's especially nice early in the morning or towards dusk. The trail is wide and great for dog-walking as well. It meanders up and down the mountain at a gradual pace and passes along orange and avocado groves. There are a few benches along the way where you can sit back and relax and take in the view.