Sill Hill Waterfall Trail

#4 of 30 trails in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Sill Hill Waterfall Trail is a 7.5 mile loop trail located near Julian, CA that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

7.5 miles 1187 feet Loop
hiking forest muddy old growth over grown river rocky views waterfall wildlife
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Tina Burchard

5 Completed4 Reviews

Awesome. Long beautiful hike. Don't go if you're not in shape!

Zawaka Salvini

2 Completed2 Reviews

I can't believe it. I was browsing for more hikes to go on in this area and I saw the picture of the shelter I made while hiking this trail, lol. So I actually hiked to the top off the mountain and down the east side rather than turn down this trail. I went in February on a warm day a few days after it snowed. The first hour of the hike was fine till we got to the mud. 2 steps up and 1 slide back lol. Eventually we got to the ice and it was slippery and very steep. Took us almost all day. Beautiful hike though. Try to go about 2 weeks or so after it rains so the ground will harden back up.

P.S. Easy to find Trail Head for this hike BUT almost impossible to find the cutoff to the falls from the trail to the peak.

Steven Tomm

30 Completed1 Reviews

can somebody tell me where to strat the hike please?. i went but could not find the starting point.

Al N.

Attempted it twice. Have yet to reach the falls itself, but was about 100-200 feet above it at its source from La Purta spring. Blazed our own trail due to overgrowth. Great hike with great views. Will reach the falls this weekend for sure!

Gary L.

Great views. Follow the rocks to guide you that previous hikers placed.

Christann Heideman

4 Completed1 Reviews

We completed this hike on January 1st, 2014 to kick off the new year and wow was it amazing. It was tough but well worth it. Once you start your trek down the hill off of the main trail, don't give up and pay attention to the rock piles along the way. Make sure to bring snacks and plenty of water. A camera wouldn't be bad either. Oh! And keep your eyes on the trail for all sorts of animal prints.


1 Completed1 Reviews

I am familiar with this hike and have been to the falls many times. I just wanted to comment on the previous reviews...You need to be aware that bush whacking in the national forest is illegal as well as starting fires. Fires are not allowed anywhere in the Cleveland National forest except in campgrounds where posted and only in designated fire rings. The Cedar Fire that devastated this area was started by an illegal fire.
In this area you are also bypassing private property. Make sure you know where you are and do not trespass! You will be prosecuted.

Kyle Rogers

5 Completed3 Reviews

This hike was extremely tough due to weather conditions and I would definitely rate it more on the difficult/strenuous side. The "trail" is very overgrown. There are, however, many markers (ribbons and rock piles) along the way to tell you you're on the right path. I took a picture of the "Trail" where it starts off of the fire road. Along the way we saw a lot of deer and turkey which was pretty awesome. We even saw a few mountain lion tracks so be very aware of your surroundings! I definitely don't recommend this hike for first timers or novice hikers. We brought a friend of mine out and it was his first hiking experience. He was dying on the hike back and was moving at an extremely slow pace.

Roy Hinkley

8 Completed4 Reviews

Kyle Rogers and I hiked this in the rain on Saturday, 1/26/13. We headed along the northern fire road all the way to the peak and back down Middle Peak fire road, rapping around the west side of the peak. Half way down the fire road we encountered a pink ribbon on a bush, the first marker for the trail head off the road. We stacked up some rocks for better identification. The trail is very overgrown. We hacked a few bad spots, due to the rain and muddy slippery conditions this was a slow process. The trail is marked here and there with ribbons tied to branches as well as a few rocks stacked up on top of boulders. Completely drenched we reached the Fall. Rain stopping our attempt to start a fire and dry off we headed back to the fire road taking it to the east approximately 3 miles to the start of the hike. Along the way there was plentiful wildlife include 25+ deer, countless turkeys and birds of many different kinds. Our route took us 7.6 miles in total with a 1829ft elv gain. I would recommend this for experienced hikers, would NOT recommend attempting in the rain.

Josh Saylor

1 Completed1 Reviews

Just finished this hike. The trialhead is definitely well hidden; and actually it's not much of a trail. Just a bunch of rock piles that show the way. Thanks to Jaina(below) for stacking the rocks on top of a stump to mark the trail head. If not for that mark, we would have never found it. Overall it was a fun hike and the waterfall at the end was actually better than I expected.