Sly Park - Jenkinson Lake Loop

#5 of 134 trails in Eldorado National Forest
Sly Park - Jenkinson Lake Loop is a 9 mile loop trail located near Pollock Pines, California and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for fishing, hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible year-round.

7.64 miles Loop 160 feet
Kid Friendly
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Rob Aadland

6 Completed4 Reviews

Great hike, we recorded the distance as just a little over 9 miles following the trail all the way around the lake.

Renee Viehmann

1 Completed1 Reviews

Started at South Shore Trail and went 1/4 of the way around the lake. Would have liked to try the full loop but I realized I lost my glasses and had to turn back. The 2ish miles in were pretty easy and it was so beautiful looking out over the lake. I could see that on a spring/summer day it can be busy with a lot of people and mountain bikers but on this fall day, it was very nice. Saw a few other hikers and a few bikers. Would definitely do it again and will try to full loop.

Allen Ortillo

11 Completed4 Reviews

Highly recommend this trail. Easy to moderate and awesome views but unfortunately this time of the year no waterfall coz of the drought. Hopefully in the next time there will be one

Allen Ortillo

11 Completed4 Reviews

It's pretty but unfortunately the waterfall is dried coz of the drought. I highly recommend this trail

Dave Dannenbrink

3 Completed3 Reviews

Very nice 9-mile loop around the lake. Start at the Bumpy Meadows lot ($5) or park on the road for free. Did it in ~3 hours with my dog on a good pace, 4.5hrs on a much more leisurely pace with my wife. Did see one Osprey and two Bald Eagles on one trip circle directly overhead, very awesome.

T Smith

104 Completed47 Reviews

We did this ten miles in early evening, it's a great easy track to jog, walk, hike for all ages. We did the whole trail around the lake but you can pick and choose parts. I'm listing it as walk instead of hike because it's around campground, not much climbing, although you're in the trees, you don't feel you're completely out in wilderness, unless of course you're from the city. Beautiful walk to have the lake in view for majority of walk. Nice little waterfall, don't miss it, it is just off the trail a bit.

Corky Oakes

1 Completed1 Reviews

Went up last Saturday, April 4th and ran into fences and more fences...started near boat ramp (about 1/4 mi south)....other hikers told us that it really wasn't possible to get around the lake because of the fences. California Dept of Public Health posted a notice about limiting "human contact" but it only applied to the area of the lake abuting Mormon Emmigrant Trail highway. We finally bailed. Later we drove up MET and saw that the Bumpy Meadows trailhead had lots of hikers/bikers around. Guess that's a good alternative.

Nancy S.

Good walk/hike. Very pretty. Great for a picnic.

David Chouiniere

1 Completed1 Reviews

For a novice mountain biker, this loop was a blast and a challenge. I was off my bike almost as much as I was on. Nevertheless, this was a great trail. Beautiful views, lots of challenging ups and downs and my fellow bikers / hikers were all friendly and understanding.

Carin Chumbley

25 Completed29 Reviews

Easy hike, the distance makes it a pretty good work out. My Garmin clocked it at 9.25 miles and it took 3 hours. I went on a Saturday and saw very few people, which was nice. I enjoyed the hike, except for the areas around the dams, because you have to walk up on the road. The water is so low right now, the lake is not very pretty but the trail itself is, and the stream flowing is really nice to walk along. It's nice and close to home, and is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon.