Steep Ravine Trails

#1 of 9 trails in Mt Tamaipais State Park

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Steep Ravine Trail climbs up from Stinson Beach to Muir Woods. This hike has lots of elevation gain, but the views and scenery are well worth the effort.

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Ed Callaert (112)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Not ONE of the above images are actually from Steep Ravine.

Rosa Guerra (73)

1 Completed1 Reviews

First time here and although we only hiked for a little over an hour we loved it!! It's on our list to go back.

Brian Dow (1056)

24 Completed9 Reviews

A quick escape from the hustle and completely forget about the everything else while not going too far out of your way.

Kyle Pennell (1254)

38 Completed24 Reviews

Steep Ravine trail is one of the lushest prettiest trails out there and it is literally 45 minutes from the city.

I wish it took longer but for the short time you are on it you can forget about civilization. There is one part is particular where you can sit down in a patch of thick redwoods and just watch a babbling brook. It is one of the most zen spots I know of and it's so close to home.

I highly recommend this trial.

Isabella Ventura (414)

13 Completed5 Reviews

Kathy Reed (248)

11 Completed5 Reviews

Began from Old Railroad grade to fern canyon trail. Continued on and up until reaching the East Peak of Mount Tam. Beautiful views. Fern canyon trail is pretty and steep.

Frederich Devaney (2591)

25 Completed19 Reviews

This hike is all about the view, and it's a good one for sure.

Joy Xi (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

gorgeous views, largely shaded; did loop from Stinson beach

Matt Jarjoura (154)

0 Completed2 Reviews

Not too difficult. Mostly downhill, but last little stretch makes it back up to the top so prepare for that.

Janet Lundgren (125)

0 Completed2 Reviews

Nice hike and that was along the fire road and Limataur trails. Both good hikes, bring food and water for a rest in the middle.