stoney point via north end

#1 of 2 trails in Stoney Point Park
Great hike that leads you over the train tracks to the back side of stoney point. Great hiking and rock climbing. Moderate level but many different routes to the top for all difficulties. Horses are okay on the trail up until the more difficult parts of Stoney point.

1.64 miles Out & Back 316 feet
Dog Friendly
hiking rock climbing horses dogs views
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Tom P

1 Completed1 Reviews

Views 5/5
-Clear sky, veg, rocks
-Lots of rock shade
-No water

Activities 4/5
-Rock hiking
-Rock climbing
-Dirt hiking

Wildlife 2/5
-Some snakes, flowers
-No birds

Life Support 3/5
-Very close to urban
-No drinking or restrooms

Don Bennett

22 Completed22 Reviews

Shorter hike when you some from the North.

Ana R.

Connor Reeves

10 Completed7 Reviews

Or hiking, this place is just decent. For rock climbing, this place is really awesome. Great boulders and awesome top rope routes.

Tony Orozco

2 Completed2 Reviews

This trail is just ok. Fairly simple, less than a mile if you stick to the outside of the mountain. If you trek near the inside you have lots of dodging, weaving and climbing to do due to the large boulders. The is a place that's primarily for rock climbers, you'll see a lot of rock climbing enthusiast. For a runner this isn't exactly the most desirable place to log in some miles. Good for a light walk and cool pics.