Mist Trail

#3 of 130 trails in Yosemite National Park
Mist Trail is a 6.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Yosemite National Park, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible from April until October.

6.9 miles 2309 feet Out & Back
kid friendly hiking walking forest river views waterfall no dogs
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Official NPS page for this hike. http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/vernalnevadatrail.htm

David Worcester
6 hours ago

41 Completed39 Reviews

Good views but crowded.

Dawn Lorenzen
8 days ago

12 Completed2 Reviews

Gorgeous views! Some small scrambling. Water was high so lots of mist. We came down the JMT instead of returning along the falls. Lots of people but the hike is worth it.

Yi Cheng
25 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Priyakanth Manda
30 days ago

13 Completed15 Reviews

Miriam Saavedra
1 month ago

4 Completed1 Reviews

It's amazing and fairly easy hike. The fall is at its best right now!

Ian Phillips
1 month ago

4 Completed5 Reviews

Deborah S.
1 month ago

Meyah Naomi
3 months ago

6 Completed4 Reviews


Alejandra Durand
5 months ago

7 Completed6 Reviews

We took the most trail down from little Yosemite campground and it was amazing! Definitely 100 times easier going down than up. A little tough on old knees but if you've gotten this far, might as well go all out and do the mist trail. It's so beautiful you forget you're in California!! I swear it could be like in Switzerland or something. Lol
* please wear real shoes if you want to have a good hike! The steps are steep, and it's slippery and surprisingly there are so many people and children in sandals, which looks quite uncomfortable. Would not recommend for children.

Steven Garcia
6 months ago

3 Completed2 Reviews

This was my first trip to Yosemite,and it was my first real major hike. Did it on Halloween, and both Vernal and Nevada Falls were flowing, though I'm sure they were much stronger in the summer.

I am nowhere near decent shape (trying to change that), so even the first leg of the trail to the first bridge was hard for me, but I was able to push through. We had planned to do the entire trail up til half dome, but we had woken up late and didn't arrive at the trailhead until around 9:45AM. We got all the way past Vernall and Nevada Falls, and got up to Little Yosemite Valley. It was around 2PM, so we decided we'd head back in order to get off the trail before sunset. We took the John Muir trail down just to get a different view of the entire area.

Great hike, but I would highly suggest conditioning yourself (as I didn't and completely regret it) for long periods of straight inclines.

Soraya R
6 months ago

44 Completed30 Reviews

Beautiful. Nothing beats Yosemite water falls but alas far too many people on this trail. Way too many for my taste.

Fuller Swamp Plantation
7 months ago

14 Completed14 Reviews

Great but can be crowded when they're the only falls flowing late summer and fall.

Crystal Bustamante
7 months ago

7 Completed2 Reviews

Such a beautiful hike I took my five year old son and I feel proud of my little one he was able to hike all the way to the top of the fall all by himself. The trail is moderate, but there were times I wanted to turn around the trail was pretty steep at times (keep in mind im a beginner hiker ) but overall such a beautiful scene and it was a great experience. My five year old son was very proud that he accomplished the hike all by himself. Coming down the hike was much faster and easier

Alli Neff
8 months ago

4 Completed3 Reviews

The falls are drying out

Matt Morrison
9 months ago

6 Completed6 Reviews

I hiked this trail with my wife and two boys (13 & 10). The hike is amazing and the views of the falls are awesome. The hike to Vernal Falls is great culminates with 600 stairs chiseled out of granite. As you approach the fall, you can hike down to the pool below the fall. There is a rock that you can stand on and feel the wind and mist that is generated from the waterfall. The feeling is amazing. There are many people on the trail that probably shouldn't be. I wouldn't recommend this hike if you aren't in decent shape and you need good shoes, no sandals. There is a bridge that is about halfway to Vernal Falls, if you feel the hike to the bridge is strenuous, you should probably head back down.

If you are up to it, I would highly suggest the hike up to Nevada Falls. It is longer and more strenuous than the hike to Nevada Falls but offers awesome views of Liberty Cap and the back side of Half Dome. I would also suggest to hike back down via the John Muir trail. It is less crowded and you don't have to navigate back down the narrow, steep, steps that you took on the way up. Lastly, I am 40 and in decent shape and this 7.5 mile + hike gave me all I could handle. I was beat by the time we got back down but had an awesome time and would suggest it to anyone visiting Yosemite.

Brian C.
9 months ago

Incredible hike! Only bad side is there are a lot of idiots that are not prepared (e.g., wrong footwear, unconditioned, no water, etc.) that clog up the trail and make the stairs near Vernal Fall dangerous. Thankfully the crowd thins out pass Vernal Fall and the hike to Nevada Fall is perfect. take the Muir Trail back to the Valley. You won't be disappointed.

Kristina Herrera
10 months ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

Benjamin Arnulf
10 months ago

5 Completed4 Reviews

Patrick Mason
10 months ago

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Karen Agurto
11 months ago

25 Completed10 Reviews

Beautiful trail! It's almost a complete incline the entire way but the entire family can go, except the dog. Walking back down, a lot of people were walking backwards to ease the pressure on your body.