The Shell Beach Bluffs Walking Path

Pismo Beach, CA
The Shell Beach Bluffs Walking Path is a 3 mile out and back trail located near Pismo Beach, CA and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round.

3.0 miles 1135 feet Out & Back
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Victoria Fernandes
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

beautiful day!

Sam Puentes
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

great moderate hike. has some steep parts that can kick an out of shape butt like mine but the views are unmatched. nice little swing to soak it all in at the top of the mountain overlooking the water too. going down the back way by pirates cove is like going down a free fall because its almost straight down but overall a good hike.

Craig Rhodes
1 month ago

6 Completed6 Reviews

Great Hike up the ridge .. Awesome views .. Steep sections at times , but very doable ..

Amanda Toledo
2 months ago

9 Completed9 Reviews

Nice hike with the family! Beautiful views:)

Mary Corbo
11 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

was so diappointed. the GPS took us thru a neighborhood and to a couldesac. we parked and headed on the trail (access road?) but we're soon stopped by a locked gate. am I missing something? help!

Hiking w/ Alexander
2 years ago

52 Completed8 Reviews

The Bluffs area of Shell Beach and its walking path is a perfect warm-up walk for the hike up what my partner and I call 'hell hill' (above Pirate's Cove parking area) which leads to the top of one of the best views of Avila Beach all the way south towards Point Sal. Hell Hill is a stair stepping climb of a hill of approx 400+ yards. At the top, the trail to the left is a loop that will shunt you into the Sycamore Mineral Springs route on a rather rough trail. The trails to the right and forward will lead you to well maintained Sycamore Springs trail or you can keep heading right and uphill along the ridge towards the Microwave WiFi Stations and then you are on the so called "Twin Peaks Trail" actually it is officially the Ontario Ridge trail/loop on a map. You can begin the Ontario- Twin Peaks loop at the corner of El Portal Drive and Shell Beach Road. It's a killer climb that way too. Your reward is the view; and the views are spectacular, and of course, a great workout. Make sure you take plenty of water and have a great pair of hiking boots/shoes. I've seen people walking with flip-flops on and this really is NOT the hike to flip-flop around on.

Jessika Bishop
2 years ago

6 Completed6 Reviews

PERFECT trail for beginning hikers to advanced "strollers" lol. Amazing views of not only the ocean but multi million dollar houses.

You can access pirates cove from this trail by ascending the large hill to your right after you've gone as far as you can go on the paved section. There is actually a secluded bench on the top of this hill that's perfect for catching breathtaking views. Stroller and kid friendly.

Susan S.
3 years ago

Easy walk on paved pathway. Nice for a pleasant stroll but certainly not a hike. Great views though.

Alan Fucile
4 years ago

233 Completed46 Reviews

Wouldn't really call this a hiking "trail", as most of it is paved. but it still has nice views and would be good for first timers or kids