Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

#1 of 24 trails in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Descanso, CA that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from March until October.

3.9 miles 1223 feet Out & Back
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Kevin Lynch
4 hours ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

This hike is all about when you go. Early morning weekdays or late afternoon weekend hikes. A populated trail to me is the worst hiking. Been doing this hike every other week and it's a great place to get some elevation climb and with the falls still flowing a great place to just sit and think on life. I am an avid hiker and even take a do along sometimes. A lot of people climb up the river bed to get to the actual falls which is something you have to do! There's a lot of cool rock formations and a few caves to crawl around and explore. But once you get to the falls on the way back there is a trail that sticks along the right side and spits you out above the steepest part of the climb out of the riverbed. You will see blue flags along the way Marking the trail.

Charles Jeter
1 day ago

27 Completed13 Reviews

Good hike, blazing a trail up the west side from a game trail kept me from getting bogged down crawling up the dirt slope others were scrambling.

Luke Scheuller
2 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

I would consider myself an experienced hiker, thus the 3 rating. It is a good hike, don't get me wrong, but for the hour and a half drive there I left wanting more. The hike is congested with people, and contrary to other reviews, any below average hiker could make this one. There's a 1/3 mile section somewhat steep, the ropes are optional. And a 1/3 mile section where in some spots you have to use your hands to help yourself up. I don't understand the "hard" rating on this hike, about a mile and a quarter of it is a leasurely stroll. If someone did get an ankle injury, they could be helped out without a helicopter contrary to other reviews, this isn't the PCT. But you would need a fit individual to help them out. I would say my favorite part was the rolling mountains for miles and you couldn't see any civilization. After reading the reviews I thought I would be taxed afterward, I drank 20 fluid ounces of water and am going running later to try to get the rest of my workout in. If your looking for a "hard" hike in the area, I would suggest going to El Capitan/El Cajon peak. The three rating is mostly due to the overall "hard" rating, and the congestion, but there is some beauty up there in them hills.

Lisa Novak-Vaughan
4 days ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing hike! Make sure you are prepared with plenty of water, good shoes, and some energy. Some spots are challenging but the end result is so worth it!

Diane Dougherty
4 days ago

5 Completed5 Reviews

Beautiful and very technical hike. GREAT workout -- bring lots of water

darcie babyak
14 days ago

9 Completed7 Reviews

Yahaira Garcia
14 days ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Super recommended it was a great hike. Just be careful on the way back because everything looks the same. Memorize on how to get back

Fawn Nielsen
15 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

A great way to spend Mother's Day! My 5 year old and 10 year old rocked this hike! My schnauzer had to be carried over a few boulders, but he enjoyed the dip in the creek! All falls were flowing beautifully.

Siah Smak
16 days ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

it's only hard at one steep point rest pretty easy, beautiful spot worth every minute.

Tatiana Garcia
16 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

I haven't hiked in a long time! It has been years. So this was the hike/rock climb I needed. It was the most challenging walking back to my car from the falls since it's mostly up hill. I loved the challenge and plan to do it soon.

Rosario Vasquez Aguirre
17 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews


Stephen Raycraft
24 days ago

22 Completed2 Reviews

Just bring enough water. It gets very hot. I have seen too many people unprepared. It is not difficult if you are in moderate athletic condition.

Gary Stacy
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

This was a beautiful hike I did with my fiancee, if you do this hike start early to avoid the heat. Get on the trail by 7 am and have plenty of water. There is poison ivy all over the trail but can be avoided easily. Please use hiking boots and don't come with tennis shoes! The trail has some very steep sections where you use a rope to descend and also climb.

Debi Padilla
1 month ago

12 Completed5 Reviews

One of if not the most difficult hike I have ever done, and I have hiked a lot! Don't let it only being 4 miles fool ya! You hike down to the canyon, up to the waterfalls and then reverse it back! Ropes are used to to go up and down 3 different sections, yes you will use them! Bring plenty of water, I wouldn't take kids or pets and watch out for the massive amount of poison ivy! I would absolutely hike here again, but in cooler weather!

Teresa Solomon-Billings
1 month ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

It was rated hard, and was really hard. There are three ropes to help you get down a very steep hill, and helps you back up. Wear pants, don't under estimate the amount of water you need. My thought was its only 4 miles I run way more than that. The heat and difficulty made the extra water necessary. So beautiful! Would do it again in a heart beat! Loved it!

Lisa Lopez
1 month ago

3 Completed1 Reviews

Really hard hike. Bring tons of water.

ErIn M. Cantu-Vann
1 month ago

4 Completed3 Reviews

It's the most difficult trail I e ever done. Bringing children is a bad idea as well as pets. You climb, you rely on rope, certain rocks are slippery. You need A LOT of water and snacks. I recorded the trail at 5 miles there and back but we also had to backtrack and some spots it's hard to tell where the trail is. If you're up for a challenge this is your trail for sure!!!

Neil Bacon
1 month ago

22 Completed5 Reviews

Great hike. Lots of variation in the trail, walking, climbing, ropes down slopes. Definitely be prepared though, someone was helicoptered out by the sheriffs department because they were dehydrated and just broke down.

Rachel Renae
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

My 6 year old son trekked this hike, and he loved it! My advice is to only take a very experienced child who has hiked a lot. otherwise, I've seen other kids get hurt and have to be carried back from this trail. Overall, it was beautiful, scenic, and really good people on this trail!

Tiffani Brown
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Difficult but way worth it waterfall definitely made it better