Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

#1 of 25 trails in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Descanso, CA that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from March until October.

3.9 miles 1223 feet Out & Back
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Gary Stacy
6 days ago

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This was a beautiful hike I did with my fiancee, if you do this hike start early to avoid the heat. Get on the trail by 7 am and have plenty of water. There is poison ivy all over the trail but can be avoided easily. Please use hiking boots and don't come with tennis shoes! The trail has some very steep sections where you use a rope to descend and also climb.

Debi Padilla
9 days ago

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One of if not the most difficult hike I have ever done, and I have hiked a lot! Don't let it only being 4 miles fool ya! You hike down to the canyon, up to the waterfalls and then reverse it back! Ropes are used to to go up and down 3 different sections, yes you will use them! Bring plenty of water, I wouldn't take kids or pets and watch out for the massive amount of poison ivy! I would absolutely hike here again, but in cooler weather!

Teresa Solomon-Billings
10 days ago

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It was rated hard, and was really hard. There are three ropes to help you get down a very steep hill, and helps you back up. Wear pants, don't under estimate the amount of water you need. My thought was its only 4 miles I run way more than that. The heat and difficulty made the extra water necessary. So beautiful! Would do it again in a heart beat! Loved it!

Lisa Lopez
11 days ago

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Really hard hike. Bring tons of water.

ErIn M. Cantu-Vann
12 days ago

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It's the most difficult trail I e ever done. Bringing children is a bad idea as well as pets. You climb, you rely on rope, certain rocks are slippery. You need A LOT of water and snacks. I recorded the trail at 5 miles there and back but we also had to backtrack and some spots it's hard to tell where the trail is. If you're up for a challenge this is your trail for sure!!!

Neil Bacon
12 days ago

20 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike. Lots of variation in the trail, walking, climbing, ropes down slopes. Definitely be prepared though, someone was helicoptered out by the sheriffs department because they were dehydrated and just broke down.

Rachel Renae
20 days ago

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My 6 year old son trekked this hike, and he loved it! My advice is to only take a very experienced child who has hiked a lot. otherwise, I've seen other kids get hurt and have to be carried back from this trail. Overall, it was beautiful, scenic, and really good people on this trail!

Tiffani Brown
23 days ago

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Difficult but way worth it waterfall definitely made it better

Iain Baker
24 days ago

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Fun, challenging hike as it's pretty steep in parts. Waterfalls at the end when rain permits. Highly trafficked...

Kevin Fletcher
25 days ago

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had an amazing time. very challenging, bring lots of water

Doris Orellana
30 days ago

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Excellent day do to this amazing place!

Jose Jose Valerio
1 month ago

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great hike

Samantha Aaron
1 month ago

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Very difficult hike/rock climb. Sections of loose dirt and steep hills add an extra challenge. Some very narrow patches so be mindful of other hikers.
It is a 12 mile unpaved drive up the mountain so I would advise driving an SUV or truck.
Bring plenty of water, wear hiking shoes, wear gloves if possible. I would also recommend a hat, sunglasses, long pants, and sunscreen.
Do not bring small children or elderly adults. This hike is advanced!
I would also recommend leaving dogs at home unless they are conditioned for the terrain.

Luis Ballesteros
1 month ago

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Andy Tucker
1 month ago

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This hike is what I expected, after reading all about it. Remote, scenic, hauntingly beautiful, and physically challenging. All the warnings are in place. It's dodgy and dangerous in some spots on the way down. And it will really man handle you on the way back up. Take care on the bouldering sections near the falls... One false move and a slip resulting in a foot or ankle injury, you'd be pretty well screwed. With a broken ankle, your only way out is going to be in a helicopter... Your friends will not be able to carry you back to the car. Bear in mind also that your phone will lose its signal about 1/3 of the way into this hike. The thing that made this hike feel safer though is the fact that there was a lot of people there. If something happened to you, it's likely there'd be people that could send for help. Another thing that should be mentioned about this hike is also how treacherous the drive out there is. If you come in from the south it's about 10 miles of rugged, jagged, winding dirt and gravel road. Unless you're driving a pickup, suv, or a car you don't really care about... consider grabbing a cheap rental from Enterprise on the way out here. This road will absolutely murder the suspension on your car if you don't drive dinosaur slow. The road coming in from the north is a better way to go, as more of it is paved. Not trying to be a naysayer here. It was an awesome trail and I look forward to doing it again.

Victor Svehla
1 month ago

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Awesome hike with amazing vistas. The drive out is not too bad, small mountain road that narrows uncomfortably at times but overall was pretty easy. The path is steep on the way down and requires someone with a lot of hiking experience and who is in good cardiovascular shape to get back up. I would recommend only avid to occasional hikers... definitely not a good place for first timers and people in poor cardiovascular health. I had a great time because I hike 3-4 times a month on challenging trails. My brother however, almost suffered a heat stroke as he never hikes and is not in the best of cardiovascular shape. BRING WATER! And a towel and something to clean yourself with... There are no bathrooms, water fountains or any amenities to be found so plan accordingly.

Veronica James
1 month ago

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It was easy at first. It's all slightly down hill and you don't notice it. It's the way back that had me taking breaks. It's desolate. bring everything you need. Water, hiking boots, more water, walking stick is helpful since the path isn't flat but ditch like, bring gloves for the ropes that help you climb down large rocks, and bring a spare tire for your car since it's a 7 mile dirt road to get there once you get off the highway. Bring toilet paper and bug spray. It's a real hike.

Shawn Hewitt
1 month ago

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It was awesome yet super hard on the way back, thank the good lord for the one who put the ropes there or it might of been impossible! Side note: bring lots and lots of water.... More than u think.

Susy Garcia
1 month ago

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Love it!

Chris Anderson
1 month ago

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Fantastic hike about two hours round trip. Definitely worth the walk.
-Probably need hiking boots/shoes.
-Probably shouldn't bring a dog.