Towsley Canyon Loop Trail

#1 of 3 trails in Santa Clanta Woodlands Park

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Towsley Canyon Loop Trail is a 6.47 mile loop trail located near Newhall, California. The trail is primarily used for hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year round. This year (2012) there were many snakes on the trail during the summer months.

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Ang P. (84)

Aamina Arnoth (151)

4 Completed2 Reviews

nice hike, nice view from the top, but there was too much noise from 5 freeway for me for much of the hike.

Gesselle Carradero (275)

2 Completed1 Reviews

this was a great hike, challenging with a great summit pay off...

John Roelofs (133)

5 Completed4 Reviews

this loop is a bummer no matter which end you start on. I went to the right first in order to get the hardest part of the trail over with. for a good 3 miles or so I climbed hill after hill, steep slopes covered in loose dirt, one after the other. no shade, just craggy chaparral abound and a blazing sun beating down overhead. it was brutal and punishing and not a single vista to spur you on with its beauty, only views of sprawling suburbs and freeways. by the time I got to the forested and gently descending portion of the trail I was so ragged from the first stretch that I was hardly able to enjoy it. once you're down there's another couple of miles that I would call more of a path than a trail, with lady's pushing baby's in strollers and yuppies walking their labradoodles. if you start to the left instead, to get the lame part of the trail over with first, expect the last stretch to be as treacherous going down as it was punishing going up. those steep gravely slopes will have you sliding down on your butt for 3 miles. careful not to twist your knee or sprain your ankle. better yet, there are far more rewarding trails to be found in the southland, equally as challenging as this one with far more to offer.

Laura H. (345)

Amazing hike. Go early, its popular and parking fills up quickly. We chose to hike clockwise, so all the elevation gain was in the first third. I would recommend this way. Great views and then great entrance to the creek at the end. Was pretty epic. Got chilly in the shade early and there were a few tar pits bubbling about.

Em B. (156)

Angela Zebekis (330)

10 Completed12 Reviews

This is a regular midweek hike for me that I've been doing 3-5 times a week since May 2014 and never get bored. Well maybe a starting to get a little bored of doing the same hike after 6 months which Is surprising because I'm one of those that never wants to do the same trail twice. That is now only true for all other weekend trail hikes even to some way more beautiful. The scenery is nice and even though some trails I used to call killer that are now easy for me, going clockwise there are a couple really steep parts of this hike I still find very challenging. Towsley is one of my favorite hikes I like hiking alone with my dog. You can extend it by hiking the short 1.9 mile hike which is very short but a good short workout in itself due to the incline.

Deanne Barsi (213)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Challenging hike. Fairly steep.

Dustin Rodriguez (92)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This trial is challenging, but fun. Most people enter the trial head from the front. The front end of the trial is a steep uphill, but then it levels out into downhill switchback. There are areas to sit in the shade and the area is peaceful.

I typically take the back way because it's a longer uphill run.

Overall, I like this trial. I took my kids on the trial and they struggled, but they had fun.

Gordon Schaffner (1807)

24 Completed20 Reviews

I freely admit that I am middle aged and overweight, so I take my breaks when needed on these steep inclines. I went clockwise on this trail to avoid a steep descent and to save the Narrows for the end of the hike......boy did I pay for it. This hill is miserable, but the fun part is that EVERYONE going up it is just as miserable as you. You even die a little inside when you see people coming down and they are grinning ear to ear. When you get to a point that somewhat appears to be the top someone has added a sign that says "no one likes a quitter" Hey, what do you know....another half mile of incline! Once you reach the top you are greeted by a nice view and a welcome feeling of descend and now it's your turn to take a perverse delight in the suffering of your fellow hikers still heading up the hill. ****All that being said, nearly anyone can do this hike if they take their time and don't quit**** Counterclockwise would be easier next time, but I doubt I will do it any differently!