Tuolumne Table Mountain

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Tuolumne Table Mountain is a 2.7 mile point-to-point trail located near Jamestown, California that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking & rock climbing. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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John Thompson (368)

12 Completed11 Reviews

I've been up here a few times. Found it easily on my first attempt. There's a gate on Shell Road and usually a few cars parked in the wide space there. The foot path starts on the meadow at your right, continues south for .75 mi and eventually crosses to the road and up the side of the mountain. It's a little steep but only for about another .75 miles or so. It was exciting my first time up here because you can see Table Mt. from all around the Jamestown area, but before the internet, I didn't know where the trail was. Table Mountain is a huge area and it is one of the area's best know geographical landmarks in Tuolumne County. It was once a fantastic river of lava hundreds of feet deep. After eons of erosion, the country side washed away and now the old river of rock stands alone above the ranches and rolling meadows running for miles across the county. Once on top you can explore and wander for hours. The description says 2.7 mi /1 hour, but that's not accurate. Give yourself 2.5 hours or longer to enjoy the different views on all sides. Wear decent hiking shoes if you have any because you will want to protect you feel walking across the lava cap on top. I give it 5 stars because it's a nice trail that's easy to find (once you know where to start), it's close to town and such a cool place to explore that some locals are addicted to this place. I also saw a couple people with climbing gear in the area too, so I know they practice on the Mountain if you're in to that.

T P (413)

19 Completed14 Reviews

March time of year is a great time to do this hike. Not to hot and everything is green. A little incline to the top of table mountain but well worth it. On one side you see Melones lake and on the other side you see James town. Table mountain is old lava flow but wild flowers still bloom.

Lisa Pletcher (348)

3 Completed4 Reviews

I have been coming to this one for years. I love coming up in the spring because on the table top the wildflowers are outstanding along with the view. Hubby and I pack I light lunch and like to picnic up there. Plenty of exercise for us and our dogs. A good place to let them run off leash. We live close by and it is handy. The only drawback is the foxtails in the summer and fall.

Brandy Stubblefield (230)

7 Completed3 Reviews

Did this hike for my birthday! Breathtaking! We started from the first gate (this however was hard to find because the road you drive down says not a through road, residents only very confusing) we went in early March am the weather was beautiful 70's. at the end of the lower hike we noticed a fork in the road. We took the one to the left it was nothing but rocks covered in moss. (Had I not brought my dog we would of finished this hike too) we got to a point and looked up and people were climbing (with harnesses) the mountain. Finally we turned around and went to the right of the fork. You go UP UP UP. A lot of switchbacks but once we made it to the top it was all worth it. There were a few families with children ranging from ages 4-teens. The hike back we walked the "off-road" drive some people drove to the bottom of the hiking trail. I would take it unless you know how to drive 4x4. Some people had a blast the mud tracks were as deep as my knees! The entire hike too us 1-1.5 hours max. And we spent a good 30 min at the top enjoying the views! We will be doing this hike again. However NOT in the summer it would be way too hot and dry!

janice carabine (41)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I just moved to the area and walked this trail with my family and two young kids under 6. Although it has some hills, the young kids did great. The water was very low and the grass brown. It is very beautiful and we all enjoyed it a lot. I would do this trail again.

alexsandra garza (40)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great trails for various fitness levels. Took my nephew, nieces, and a group of their friends and we all had a blast. I myself am not in great shape but found the lower trail perfect for my fitness level. It was challenging enough but not too rough on my knees or back. My teenage nephews went on the higher and said there were a couple of steep sections they knew I wouldn't be able to handle but they loved it themselves. Very pretty views!

Joel Battle (40)

2 Completed1 Reviews

My personal favorite spot to go for an easy hike, well worth it for the view!!

D & S K (277)

11 Completed7 Reviews

Nice two hour hike close to home. Middle part is semi strenuous, rewarded with great views of Melones Lake and the Jamestown area. The friendly horses just add to the fun.

Sara Boren (299)

7 Completed6 Reviews

Nice long flat trek through a meadow, then an increasingly steep path up to the bluffs. Halfway up the steep part is a really cool old miners cave and on the way back some friendly horses came seeking attention from us :)

Carlyn Wise (130)

3 Completed2 Reviews

This was one of my favorites. I didn't like hiking along the dirt road to the car. It's not fun to be passed by jeeps and 4 wheel drives. Next time I'll stick with the path. Climbing the mountain was easier that I thought. Lots of shade and switchbacks.