Upper Yosemite Falls Trail

#6 of 173 trails in Yosemite National Park

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Upper Yosemite Falls Trail is a 7 mile out and back trail located near Yosemite National Park, California that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

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Debbie Murnan (718)

29 Completed29 Reviews

Jae B (676)

34 Completed29 Reviews

Steve Oswald (12237)

149 Completed151 Reviews

Beautiful falls, and a much more difficult hike compared to Lower Yosemite Falls. Well worth the hike though, because parts of this hike were magical.

Bob Wharton (8797)

295 Completed297 Reviews

Terry M. (216)

Great views the whole way to the top. It was hot but there are shady areas to rest. A lot harder than I thought it would be. Coming down was tough on my old knees. Worth the trip though.

Steven Newcomb (223)

7 Completed8 Reviews

This is one of the scarier trails to tackle, since you're on the edge most of the way. Plus the last mile or so is vertical. Very difficult, but rewarding.

Vonda Peralez (275)

8 Completed4 Reviews

This hike was HARD. I thought I prepared for it but going 3.5 miles straight up takes a lot of training. It is literally straight up. I will say the views along the way and the top are all worth it. I was very tired once I got to the top so I didn't venture around much. I sat and had my lunch with a friendly squirrel. When I was still he would come up directly next to me and eat my Fritos out of the bag. I know it's not good for him but it was cute to watch. I eventually had to take them away from him before he developed high cholesterol. The hike down was probably more brutal on my knees and calves than the hike up. The rocks seemed very slippery on the way down. I highly recommend hiking poles for the descent. Take lots of water and enjoy!

Bernie L. (341)

This hike was amazing! The views were well worth the effort. I would recommend this for hikers that are in reasonable shape to meet the demands of the trail.

Billy Ashlock (71)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Hard but worth it love the views

Faustina Dela-Cruz (223)

7 Completed7 Reviews

The master of all stair masters! Fantastic views no mater where you are on the trail. We were almost to the top about 20 min away and i sprained my ankle, of course it would be me,lol. Stopped a few times on the rest of the way up,but being that close i was so not gonna turn around. Its a really good workout, your legs and knees so feel it but at the same time you feel great. We had lunch on a big rock with a close view of the waterfall and a bird that joined us. Totally great day hike just me & my hubby.