Vernal and Nevada Falls (The Mist) Trail

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Vernal and Nevada Falls (The Mist) Trail is a 5.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Yosemite National Park, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible from April until October.

5.7 miles 2119 feet Out & Back
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Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall is a 6.5 mile out (via The Mist trail) and back trail (via John Muir trail) located in Yosemite National Park, California and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until October. Official NPS page for this hike.

Stephanie Utley
2 days ago

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Lisa Luehmann
8 days ago

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This is a steep trail that is paved to the foot bridge. After that it is a dirt and rock trail that leads to steps. I only went up to where the railing starts. It very wet and can be slippery without proper shoes. You can continue up to top of Vernal falls. We came back down to where the John Muir trail is and hiked up to Clarks Point where you get a great view of Nevada Falls. This was a very hard trail because it was steep and switched back and forth gaining about 1000 ft. You also can continue this trail up to top of Nevada Falls. This trail is very rocky. Wear hiking boots with ankle support and use a walking stick to help your knees. The views are breathtaking! Worth the sore calfs and knees!

Priyakanth Manda
9 days ago

13 Completed9 Reviews

Elizabeth Bierbrodt
27 days ago

28 Completed13 Reviews

Great hike with pretty scenary. Enjoyed the views. Went early september and weather was great, just a little chill early am.

Derek Jett
1 month ago

41 Completed30 Reviews

Hiked jt at 930 and was cool and misty. Great footing to vernal a little trickier to top of Nevada. We came down the john Muir loop and reconnected to the mist trail. John Muir was closed and lots of snow but we did it anyway. Cold water over the cliff sides raining on us. We go fast up and down in 3.5 hours with 10 minute break at top.

Vanessa L
1 month ago

5 Completed1 Reviews

great waterfall, best time is spring or summer.

Hubbard Gravlee
1 month ago

16 Completed0 Reviews

Ascended via the JMT and came down the Mist trail. The Mist side has more than 600 stairs up and was jam packed with people in February. On the JMT side we didnt see anyone until we had a view of both falls. It is an awesome route.

Diana Hansen
2 months ago

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It was a beautiful hike! All the waterfalls are gorgeous! Gonna do it again this weekend!

Stephanie Utley
2 months ago

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Victor Vela
2 months ago

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Carolyn Younce
3 months ago

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Jason Ethridge
4 months ago

24 Completed18 Reviews

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. Get out on the trail early in the morning to avoid the crowds and be prepared to get wet. Be aware that the section of the trail by Vernal falls can be very treacherous since it is composed of stone steps that are ALWAYS wet! I am very serious; we have witnessed hikers having to be medi-vacced from this trail. I'm not even going to talk about staying out of the river, because if you are that dumb, well...

Amir Motalebi
4 months ago

8 Completed6 Reviews

Amir Motalebi
4 months ago

8 Completed6 Reviews


Bill Watson
5 months ago

750 Completed232 Reviews

Hiked on a beautiful morning in early summer during a better than average snow season and the falls were roaring. Go across the bridge at Nevada Falls and take the Muir Trail down - although some think taking the left branch of the Muir Trail / horse trail down is better on the knees, it's not as rewarding as being able to look down on Vernal Falls from the top. Also not much difference on the knees and less mileage/quicker way down. Take a right when you reach the "T." One of my favorite hikes and a great warm-up for Half Dome.

John Zervas
5 months ago

7 Completed4 Reviews

A beautiful trail leading to Vernal Falls along the Merced River. Went in November; it's chilly at the top, so bring layers. I would not characterize this trail as easy by any means. It's mostly uphill and the steps leading up to the fall are steep. Moderate would be a more accurate description IMHO.

Boomer S
5 months ago

15 Completed12 Reviews

This was a very good hike. I went on 8 Nov 2015. The traffic was very light. I estimate under 100 people on the entire trail between 10AM -1PM. Maybe 20 at the top of Nevada falls during my hour up there.

Korey M.
6 months ago

I don't think this should be marked as an easy trail. It's easy if you're in good hiking shape, but if not you're going to struggle with the steep elevation gain and the steps near the falls on mist trail. Most definitely worth it though!

Fuller Swamp Plantation
6 months ago

14 Completed14 Reviews

Great but can be crowded when they're the only falls flowing late summer and fall.

Sarah Acosta
7 months ago

21 Completed25 Reviews

Amazing hike!!! But probably because I just really love Yosemite! It's kinda crowded, but a must do trail if you are in the valley. Also, it's a pretty good work out.