West Cliff Drive Santa Cru

#1 of 1 trails in Lighthouse Field State Beach

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Explore over two miles of wheelchair accessable coastline. These trails are multi-use and available for walking, cycling, skating, beach. This is a great place for a sunset stroll.

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Brian C. (274)

Brian C. (274)

Aemie Woolen (3260)

37 Completed35 Reviews

T P. (590)

A nice drive or walk along the ocean. We walked to the lighthouse and saw some sessions. Easy and peaceful.

John Truncali (381)

9 Completed4 Reviews

Simply beautiful!!! Took many people's advice and started my hike super early... Around 9am to beat the crowds.

Breck Tuttle (62321)

404 Completed364 Reviews

We drove this after spending the night in Santa Cruz. Very pretty. Stopped and watched surfers near the surfers museum.

Susan Shrode (8313)

67 Completed40 Reviews

So very pretty. Very crowded but worth it for the views

Tanner Cook (231)

11 Completed6 Reviews

Regardless of the crowds, the beauty of the Pacific is unrivaled here. Easy walk to Natural Bridges State Beach. Lots of things to look for along the way. Surfers catching sometimes giant waves near the lighthouse, surfing museum, sea lions, seabirds, and have spotted some dolphins swimming along the coastline. Great landscape and powerful crashing waves. I'll be back for more.

David Badillo (303)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Once again I was unprepared when I attempted to walk this trail. I assumed I would just walk up West Cliff Dr. and take a 2 mile hike through Lighthouse Field State Park. I was wrong, I started from Beach St. & West Cliff Dr. it was 2.81 miles to reach Natural Bridges State Park and then from Natural Bridges State Park to where I finished West Cliff Dr. & Pacific Ave was 2.93 miles. I would say this is the most beautiful & scenic walk along the Pacific Ocean I have been on.

Adam Schultz (627)

33 Completed12 Reviews

Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean but easy and crowded.