Barr Trail

#7 of 207 trails in Pike National Forest

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Barr Trail is a 3 mile point-to-point trail located located at the top of Pike's Peak. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking and hiking.

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Dan P. (213)

8 Completed6 Reviews

Did the full 13 mi. hike from the Barr Trail parking lot up to the Summit of Pikes Peak. Took a little over 10 hours to summit. A beautiful trip for any hiker and/or nature lover!

Jeremy Haines (590)

29 Completed21 Reviews

Pikes peak. need anyone say more? Manitou incline is a must also

Jacob Vyvlecka (149)

7 Completed7 Reviews

Completed this last July for my summit of pikes peak. We did the ascent and decent (26 miles). Overall this is a bit tougher but once you make it passed the tree line and get about a mile from the summit it's beautiful. Cirque is also beautiful don't go by if you're afraid of drop offs. I highly recommend checking out the rock formations off trail

Brian Owsley (89)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Rode the Cog Train to Pikes Peak then half way down. Hiked to Barr Camp and the down. Except for the trails being really washed out, the hike was full of scenery. Its a real work out.

jutta scarry (706)

18 Completed26 Reviews

Hiked this trail from lower Barr trail to Pikes Peak. Amazing!!!

Kamal Upasena (131)

0 Completed2 Reviews


Bonnie Stapleton (162)

4 Completed2 Reviews

I do both up and down to the summit often. It takes a long time, and is easier in the summer when you have lots of light. This is a beautiful hike with lots of neat stuff to see and it is great because access is so easy.

Steve Lignon (39)

1 Completed1 Reviews

6 hours up & down? I don't think do. If you get to the top in 8 you're doing well.

Preston Herring (2038)

16 Completed3 Reviews

I drove to the summit of Pikes Peak and met my friends who hiked up. They took the car down and I rode my Giant Reign 0 down Barr trail. The first 1.5 miles down are super sketchy. Tons of hike-a-bike. Absolutely gorgeous views though. The trail gets going really fast about a mile out from hitting Barr Camp which is the half way point. From there I continued bombing downhill at insane speeds! The trail is fast and flows well with some nice rock jumps and switchbacks. I eneded at the parkinglot in Manitou Springs. It took me just over 2 hours. I went by myself and it was one of the best rides of my life! If you are in the area to MTB, RIDE THIS!!!

Shawn Albright (355)

21 Completed10 Reviews

Figuring out how to get down was the biggest issue. The internet offered very little info, but the girl at the toll road said that if we parked just outside the gate and took another car to the start of the trail in Manitou, then a ranger would take us from the summit back to the toll road gate for $20 a person, which is what the Colorado Springs website alluded to, though very vague. No one else, including the guy at Barr Camp thought this was correct. The Cog rail is such a pain with scheduling/fees, so we ignorantly decided to get to the top and hitch hike down to our car. Luckily this worked well. As far as the trail, the last 3 miles was neverending it seemed. You can fill up your water packs at Barr Camp, but if you don't have a filtration system or iodine, you will need to rent one from the cabin for $5 for your group. My favorite views were about 3 miles from the top just above treeline.