Beaver Brook Trail

Golden, CO

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Beaver Brook trail starts in Golden and climbs up to around 7000 ft looking down onto Clear Creek as it moves through north forested slopes. After beautiful vistas it drops into Beaver Brook itself before climbing out to Chief Hosa.

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Megan Terry (227)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful trail and views with varied terrains including rocky, rolling hills, meadows and small streams to cross. We did about 10 miles round trip which took about 6 hours including a leisurely lunch break.
The directions from this app didn't take me to a trailhead that I could see. It was a neighborhood. We found the trailhead by using Google and searching Beaver Brook Trail.

Morgan-lea Fogg (72)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Awesome hike! We did about 10 miles total round trip yesterday and it was just beautiful. Not too crowded. Lots of dogs off leash, but didn't bother us much. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Buck (767)

20 Completed11 Reviews

Good hike! Be aware -- a lot of rocks on the east end of the trail, including two small boulder fields. Nice brook about 3/4 of a mile from east end. First 2/10 of a mile is on Lookout Mtn Trail, with a lot of bikers. Bikers are not allowed on Beaverbrook.

Josh Houghtelin (386)

9 Completed4 Reviews

BEAUTIFUL!! Panoramic views throughout the trail. Some minor scrambling is required in the beginning. All in all, a FANTASTIC but exhausting hike

Susie Burns (549)

19 Completed2 Reviews

First time at this trail and LOVED it. Took our dogs and they had a ball. Did not run into any unleashed unruly dogs as stated in other reviews. Lots of other people enjoying the trail. Lots of shade and sun, rocks and water. Pack a lunch and plan to spend some time!

Susan Hutchinson (3060)

85 Completed59 Reviews

First hike of 2015. I did this trail just off of I-70, exit 263. It's on Stapleton Dr. Part of this trail has braille signs, rope for the blind to follow. Easy trail.

Brandi Wilson (889)

17 Completed17 Reviews

One of my favorite trails! Beautiful and relaxing. It can get busy, but for the most part people tend to move at decent paces so you don't see them for long. The views are awesome!

Jesse Imbler (76)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Paige Mcgovern (104)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Very pretty hike, decently marked and easy to follow. We didn't do the whole trail bc of time but went about 4 miles in. The diversity of the trail was nice- the brook, in the forest, on the mountains. I would do it again.

Jeremey Ellis (46)

1 Completed2 Reviews

@ Craig L - Don't get your panties in a bind. This is on off leash trial. If you don't like it or if you wish to keep your dogs on leash, do everyone a favor and go somewhere else. If you asked me to leash my dog on an off-leash trail, I would politely hold them until you were passed. However, if you ever spray my dog with mace, there will be nothing polite about the "conversation" we'll have.

As far as this trial - this is an awesome trail, especially when Craig L. isn't on it :) The trail is one of my favorites in Golden and I love the fact that it's in Denver's back yard. It's a must if you have dogs that are up for a challenge. I have two herding breed-type dogs, and they are wiped out when we get home.