Beaver Brook Trail

Beaver Brook trail starts in Golden and climbs up to around 7000 ft looking down onto Clear Creek as it moves through north forested slopes. After beautiful vistas it drops into Beaver Brook itself before climbing out to Chief Hosa.

8.3 miles Out & Back 1600 feet
Dog Friendly
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The trail on the west side drops down into Beaver Brook, then climbs back out to the top of a 7800' peak so there is a fair amount of climb on that side. The east side if you start at Windy Gap is fairly level although there are scramble and scree piles to climb over.


3 Completed2 Reviews

A week after the first snow in November... A little icy and scary.. Needed better traction / spikes. Otherwise was fun! Not much running going on with the snow and ice, but still a great workout if you push yourself. Beautiful scenery!!!

Kristin Wold

13 Completed8 Reviews

Chelsea K.

Todd Lloyd

2 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful views throughout the entire distance. Beware the BB trail is an out and back!
My girlfriend, dog and I did the trail and were shocked to find we were a 20 min car ride from our car at the end of trail. Thankfully, we were given a ride back to our car. :)
An unexpected thunderstorm rolled in on us at about the half way mark, thankfully we had our rain gear with us; ~30 minutes later it had cleared up. Doing the hike in early September the stream crossings were easy, but I feel earlier in the year with snow melt or heavy rains it would be a little more tricky.
The trail is mostly under tree cover, you know when there is no shade.
I would do this trail again.

Jesse Pearlman

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Like the others, missed the Chavez loop turn off Beaver Brook and hiked across. This was my daughters first home in CO and the experience almost ruined her. The trail isn't easy to my thinking, a lot of narrow passages over rough rocks, the trail is difficult to follow in places and poorly marked. While we didn't run out of water it was a close thing. Also 5+ hours on the trail with no snacks when we expected an easy 4 miles... Rough. Thank god for the nice couple who gave us a ride back to my car.

Shana S'Silvestri

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Almost the exact same experience as Nicole N. below....This definitely isn't a loop as we initially thought.. we missed the turn to stay on the loop (Chevaz Trail) and ended up doing the whole beaver trail and came out at a completely different entrance and had to get a ride from someone back to our cars. There were 7 of us so it was a real favor -TY Betty ;) .! Trail is not very clearly marked so if you plan to loop in pay attention!
About 9 miles clearly ran out of water. Please be prepared for more than expected.
However the hike was beautiful and I'd do this again if i was more prepared

Nicole Nakamura

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So this isn't a loop.. Or we somehow missed the turn to stay on the loop and ended up doing the whole beaver trail and came out at a completely different entrance and had to get a ride from someone back to our car!
About 9 miles clearly ran out of water
However the hike was beautiful and I'd do this again if i was more prepared

Mimimsp O

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I followed the map from the app and it dropped me on lookout mountain with no trailhead in site. I then just used Google maps which directed me to a parking lot mid way up lookout mountain between where chimney gulch and lookout mountain trails meet. there is a trailhead called beaver Brook there and based on the map on one of the trails it appears to connect to the full beaver Brook trail. however, I had my dog with me and shortly into the hike encountered some huge boulders that were would have had to crawl over and through. I want up for that today so turned around and did lookout mountain trail instead.

Jessica P.

Beautiful hike with great sounds and views. Probably rate it as easy/moderate. Lots of rocky areas to climb so be careful, definitely want a good hiking shoe! Hike is definitely worth it!!

Carrie Schiff

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Started at the bottom at Chimney Gulch trail head and hiked to the Beaver Brook trail. We hiked about 5 miles on BB, which was the best part. Lots of varied terrain. Beautiful views. Fun creeks to cross. Kudos to the very polite mountain bikers. It was the cherry on the cake of an awesome day! Probably 12 miles round trip.