Beaver Brook /Chavez trail loop

#1 of 3 trails in Genesee Park

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Susan Hutchinson (2704)

79 Completed51 Reviews

Good trail to quickly get out of the city to hike. I like the braille info on the beginning of the trail. I went left after the bridge and the hike gets a little bit harder. About a Moderate hike. Not many on the trail this Jan. Snow is slowly melting so the creek should start to flow more. It's mostly a forest hike.

Brandi Wilson (479)

13 Completed13 Reviews

Beautiful hike! Wonderful on hot days since it's mostly surrounded by forest. A little rocky at parts so small dogs may have some trouble but not too much. Not too busy either. Very enjoyable.

Linds Wiggers (50)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful hike! Enjoyed the autumn colors, the trail winding through a canyon, and a gorgeous brook at the bottom! This trail has some gorgeous lookouts and some nice inclines on the way back! Will most def do it again! (:

Benji Wichman (85)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great on a hot day- most of the hike is through the surrounding woods of a small stream which you cross over at many points further into the hike. Great for dogs, but narrow at times

Marie Franco (517)

12 Completed12 Reviews

The scenery was very nice, very woody and the water made the landscape very rich; I particularly liked all the mushrooms and the smell they generated. However, if you plan to do the loop that is one half on Beaver Brook and one half on Chavez, be aware that the marking is confusing and easy to miss, which we did and continued for a while on Beaver Brook until we crossed the brook and realized something was wrong. Regardless it was a great outing and so close to Denver, a nice treat.

James Estes (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This hike is absolutely beautiful. I hiked it a little after noon today and because of the rain we have been receiving lately their was fog and mist everywhere. The trail is surrounding by greenery, trees, and wildflowers as you run along and across the brook. Parts are steep and will get your heart rate up while other stretches are flat and comfortable. While not far from Denver, it felt like I was in my own remote forest breathing in fresh air and able just to walk with my thoughts.

Kelly Wilmot (344)

9 Completed9 Reviews

After reading a few reviews, I wasn't expecting too much from this trail. Well, I hiked it yesterday and it was gorgeous! The scenery and terrain were ever-changing throughout the loop. There were wildflowers, lots of river-crossings and large boulders to rest or take in the views. I liked Beaver-Brook because it is very different than other trails I've completed recently. It is more of a wildlife/nature trail than one with mountain views, not that there aren't any. I liked the variety, and that the mountain lions were all sleeping during my hike :). The second half of the loop had much, much more of an elev. gain than the first. Nothing too difficult, though. Even on Labor Day weekend, no crowds at all, only passed a handful of hikers. We hiked this in about 2.5 hrs. Have fun!

Doug Sawyer (95)

4 Completed4 Reviews

I like the views on MT Galbraith and I see deer quite a bit and way better views... we sometimes go off trail to the top and get a great view of both N and S Table Mts and Coors Brewery...Also great view of Lariat Loop on Lookout Mt... almost 360 degree views Usually takes 2 hrs from Nightbird trail in a Golden Subdivision to the loop and back about 5+ miles. thinking of doing it sunday to see the us pro bike riders down Lookout Mt.

Rachel S. (92)

2 Completed2 Reviews

I really enjoyed this hike. It has nice views, but know they aren't "spectacular" compared with some at higher elevations and deeper into the Rockies. That being said, I like being in the woods and seeing the different ecosystems. I saw some wildlife including a hand full of squirrels, a bunch of birds and a snake... Considering I went in the late morning and early afternoon (pretty much a horrible time for wildlife viewing!) I think that Is fair. The creek crossings keep you on your toes a bit. And the climb certainly got my heart pumping in the end. It was a Monday when I went, and I only saw 4 other people. Took me 2 hours to complete.

Brian G. (578)

My son and I were checking this out for a Cub Scout pack hike. We really enjoyed the trail, but I definitely would not recommend it for that. Not the full loop any way. There is a nice little picnic area with informational signs at the beginning of the Beaver Brook side. The signs are also in braille! Plenty of shade, lots of cool sites, especially in the ravine where it switches over from Beaver Brook to Chavez trail. Didn't see very much at all as far as wildlife goes. Maybe we'll see more in the future. Yeah, bring plenty of water and make sure your phone/camera has plenty of battery for pictures!