Beaver Brook /Chavez trail loop

#1 of 3 trails in Genesee Park
3.85 mile loop with multiple stream crossings and about 1100 ft of elevation gain round trip.

3.84 miles Loop 1175 feet
Dog Friendly
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Genesee Park is 20 miles west of Denver on I-70 to Exit 254 (Genesee Park Exit) or Exit 253 (Chief Hosa Exit).

Pete Egan

8 Completed1 Reviews

This is an awesome hike! Totally secluded the whole time alongside a creek with frozen waterfalls in November. Beautiful views without, I will definitely hike it again!

Patrick Green

7 Completed2 Reviews

Michelle T.

This trail is so easy to get to from Denver that is was much quieter and prettier than I expected. I couldn't quite figure out the loop, so I did more of an out-and-back hike which was about 4 miles to Beaver Brook and back. From there you could keep hiking another 6 miles to Windy Saddle to extend the hike to any distance you like. The trail part that I did was all downhill on the way out and then all uphill on the way back, but nothing that was too difficult. I was pleasantly surprised by this hike! A great one to do when you don't have a lot of time to travel into the mountains.

Jacqueline E.

Harder than I thought!

Rick Cosmen

5 Completed5 Reviews

We made a wrong turn and missed the Chavez trail which creates the loop and ended up hiking over 6 miles once we figured it out. Some great views at the top of beaver creek and a very enjoyable hike for the most part. Brought my 2 year old boxer and he loved running around and drinking from the creek. Was not very busy at all and went in a Sunday early. We left around 1230pm and it still was not too busy.

Martine Coelho

3 Completed1 Reviews

It was a fun hike. From arrival It took us 2 1/2 hours to hike and that included taking a few wrong steps along the way. A few things you'll want to know...

Because of the areas that are really tricky I wouldn't take small children. If you carry your child in a backpack I still wouldn't go because your balance is less reliable when you hike the rocks in several areas. If your child is brave and 5+ and willing to hike almost 4 miles it should be a fun trail for them.

If you can download the map I recommend it. There isn't any phone service when your in the woods.

Follow the signs then Cross a bridge continue downhill and look for the beaver Brook Trail. [BB]

The first part of the hike is mostly downhill approx 1900 feet. There are areas where the trail in thin and areas where the trail is rock. Keep your eyes out for signs. Expect to get confused on where the trail goes but if you look around you you'll find your way. Sometimes the trail is on the other side of the creek.

Sometime at the beginning of the trail the way look for a sign that point you sharp right turn!

You'll come to sign that takes you on the Chevaz Trail. Don't take Windy Sattle!

The hike out isn't bad, but it is up.

Towards the end there is a fresh trail that goes off to your right. That's not the trail. Stay left on the larger path.

Chavez Trail ends near chief hosa campground. Follow roadsigns maybe a quarter-mile back to trailhead.

Jayme Mceuen

1 Completed1 Reviews

Mary Herrera

2 Completed2 Reviews

My favorite trail because of the moderate work out you get from it and the views are amazing.

VaNessa Salazar

7 Completed2 Reviews

Was very peaceful. Rocky and scenic lookout views. Even a waterfall :)

Allison Csik

1 Completed1 Reviews