Beaver Brook /Chavez Trail Loop

#1 of 2 trails in Genesee Park
Beaver Brook /Chavez Trail Loop is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Golden, CO that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.9 miles 898 feet Loop
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3.85 mile loop with multiple stream crossings and about 1100 ft of elevation gain round trip.

Gilbert Lamont
27 seconds ago

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Great trail. The water was a little higher (at the end of May). Crossing the creek at several points was fun but cold, especially if you fall in all the way. The metamorphic rock can be very slippery. My suggestion is, keep a change of clothes and towels in the car. Great views at certain spots. It helps to download the map if you haven't been there before because the trail can be confusing sometimes and you won't have signal down by the creek. Definitely worth the hike and will be going again.

Geoff Jones
1 hour ago

11 Completed2 Reviews

Great spring hike with options to extend the hike and the view. There's also a buffalo conservatory at the trailhead. Epic, really enjoyed this one.

Jennifer Hartmann
17 hours ago

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This review is geared to parents or those scared of heights:
Otherwise, from the parts I saw, it's a beautiful hike--

For starters, the map from All Trails took me to Stapleton trailhead, which is a very simple walk downhill. My kids and I hooked up with Beaver Brook at the base of Stapleton. The beginning of this trail is easy--and the kids loved being close to the water, then playing around the water when land and water became move level. However, once you pass the area where the water is exactly level with the ground (I'm guessing maybe 1/2 to 3/4 mile in), it becomes downright scary with children. There are sheer dropoffs, parts with rocks in the path, thus making it much scarier for little ones to scramble over, with more dropoffs if their feet don't navigate themselves correctly. Usually we find these fun, but here the risk outweighed the enjoyment. There were numerous times I acted as a block to them--preventing them from possibly slipping--other times when I would tell one to freeze while I walk the other through the more treacherous parts. I thought this would get better--we'd get past the scary parts. But nope--it gets worse. We hoped to do the loop; however, we came to an area where the hiker has to basically climb rock outcroppings to continue, and there was no way, with kids, to do this--so we came back the way we came.
I think this hike would have been fabulous without kids. Perhaps it is my stupidity--but you can never tell if a trail is moderate due to physical exertion or strenuous due to riskiness. I like taking my kids to really cool places, but this one is just too stressful.

Rachel Conn
19 hours ago

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Anthony Clark
1 day ago

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Kathleen Beckwith
3 days ago

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Shane Thurston
4 days ago

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Great trail that wasn't terribly busy. Not very much room for parking but that comes with hiking. The start of the hike you can still hear traffic from I-70 but about a half a mile in it becomes very peaceful and enjoyable. Nice to have within such a short distance from Denver! I'll go back to this one again.

Kelsey M.
6 days ago

Tough! 4 or 5 places where you get in the creek unless you can balance on very thin logs. A lot of fun and also a lot of climbing.

Michael Phillip
6 days ago

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Adam Cianciola
7 days ago

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Fun first hike of the year. 4 fun spots where balance is required cross stream.

Taya Dowell
7 days ago

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Nicholas LeVasseur
13 days ago

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Ty Dallas
15 days ago

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Coming from Atlanta this was a great trail to start on to help get used to the elevation. I went in a counter clockwise track and liked having the creek crossings on the back side of the loop to have some water to splash on and help keep cool on the upwards trek. 6 crossings and all but 1 I was able to jump over or use the nature bridges people had made. Had to use the winter parking lot and due to a bit of a missed marked trail ended up about a half mile further up the road than my car was (trail ended at the Buffalo overlook) not too far but something to watch out for.

Dan D'Elena
17 days ago

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Ale Dominguez
20 days ago

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Completed this loop counter-clockwise on a Sunday at around 9 am and hardly saw anyone on the trail. The portion of the loop that is on Beaver Brook trail is quite easy, almost all downhill. Once you get on the Chavez Trail however, the stream crossings get pretty intense. We crossed the stream 6 times - my boyfriend was able to jump across 5 of those times, but the first crossing you come to is quite wide and he had to walk across. I walked across every time - the water is freezing and sometimes got higher than knee-deep, but all the crossings are doable, especially with the help of a stick. I completed this hike in Chacos and recommend it since it was easier than having to take my shoes off each time. Definitely worth the adventure!

Rob Boswell
1 month ago

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Good trail for the dogs, lots of water for them to play in as you hike along a nice flowing creek most of the way!

Megan Satkowiak
1 month ago

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We didn't really know what we were getting into with the stream crossings and all, however, the mental and physical challenge was refreshing. Highly recommend especially if you have dogs that love water. Ours were in heaven.

Bryan McKinney
1 month ago

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Great Hike, not super crowded which was awesome. Only down side was that there were several stream crossings that were a bit difficult, especially with a dog who hates water. Other than that it was lovely. I would also not recommend this hike if you have a dog who is not well trained on the leash. There are several parts that get super narrow and slippery. If you have a dog that tugs a lot you could easily fall about 20 feet to your doom.

John Swanhorst
1 month ago

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Glenn Connolly
1 month ago

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LOVED this hike!