Blodgett Peak

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Blodgett Peak is a 6.4 mile out and back trail located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until August.

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Robbie Queen (111)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This was an awesome and wonderful hike. It was tons of work but very rewarding. We maybe weren't the most prepared for this hike and did it a bit haphazard. One thing is that we ascending the wrong way. We took a trial that brought us around the north side of mountain. This caused us to ascend on some really steep terrain with some very loose scree. Fortunately, we went down the right way which was much easier and but still a very steep route. To avoid getting lost, make sure to stay in the valley on south side of the peak. Also, just after you pass a sign that has an arrow to Blodgett Peak, an arrow to private property and an arrow to the parking, make sure you take the path to the right. This was an amazing peak and an excellent workout. It makes the Incline look easy. The view is also freaking amazing, you can see all of Colorado Springs and beyond.

Regina G. (72)

My first trip up ... I took Hummingbird Trail which was very nice to the end before you head up and start the real trail. For about .25 miles it was nice single track in the woods then it got plain ridiculous. I read the review below about the scree but didn't realize the scree was the entire trail to the summit. I thought perhaps 50 meters withs some bouldering. The trail was very difficult to follow - I saw maybe 4 pink ribbons which were slightly helpful except for the fact that they ended and then I wasn't sure if there just weren't any more or if i was off the trail. It didn't matter, the only way up was a gigantic incline of loose rocks. I like a challenge and the full body climbing was fun in its own way - but when i realized that was all there was to the trail to the very top I lost interest. I didn't listen to the reviewer who said to not wear sneakers; i had trail running shoes on. I recommend small gaiters, long sleeves and pants since you will get scratched from climbing over fallen trees and will rely on pulling yourself up through the loose gravel by holding on to rocks and roots. I started late in the day and didn't want to spend very long on the trip down. THe trip down was essentially sliding through rock slides , crawling down on my butt over a field of boulders and more sliding. I think this trail should be CLOSED simply for the fact that it cannot be good for erosion and the health of the ecosystem. Another danger is if someone is in front of/ higher than you. Someone was on their way down as i was heading up and loose rocks came flying down. Not safe.

Kathy Epperson Bradley (225)

10 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike with great views at the top but a difficult trail. There's lots of scree and it's pretty steep at parts. We had a hard time finding the trail but realized on the way back down that we could have taken the Hummingbird Trail. It's on the left when walking up the road. The trail up to Blodgett Peak is not well marked but there are pink ties on the trees. We kept an eye out for these ties and followed them. To get up to the top of the peak you have to climb boulders at the end of the trail. Going down was a bit tricky with the loose gravel and I only wore running shoes. I would suggest wearing trail shoes with good traction. I would also suggest using a camelback for water because at times you'll need both your hands while climbing. An energy bar would be good too and band aids and wipes. My husband and I both scraped ourselves on the rocks. It was a fun hike but difficult in some areas.

Chuck M. (282)

I hike up on a great day in February, 2014. Great views.

J W (122)

19 Completed1 Reviews

The trail up Blodgett and the open space are open. You can see some (Waldo) burn scars on the Hummingbird trail, but very little and the trail is still gorgeous. It is challenging and steep, but that's part of what makes it great.

Eric Ayers (261)

23 Completed9 Reviews

This trail has unfortunately been closed indefinitely due to the Waldo Canyon Fire last summer. It is an intense hike with not well marked trails. Loved the challenge and look forward to it opening again.

Sherry Gray (230)

11 Completed10 Reviews

This is one of the more demanding hikes that I have been on. I agree with some of previous hikers in that the trail is not that well marked in areas. We went up the boulder field and back down the trail, which consist of very steep scree in parts. It is not for people that are out of shape, but I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I made it to the top.

Ray Woolridge (119)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Never again. Missed fork heading up to the south ridge. Wandered in boulder fields for a while. Climbed thru boulder and scree ending in almost a box canyon near the false summit on east side. Required climbing Very hot. Trails mostly unmarked and unmaintained. Dangerous in many places. Views were spectacular but Not worth the effort and danger. Not for beginners or even intermediates. More a climb than a hike.

Jim Henderson (451)

13 Completed12 Reviews

This was a GREAT workout and there were some pretty nice views from the peak. However, the trail is challenging and VERY hard to find. Going up, I couldn't find the trail to the skree trail up, so I had to do the boulderfield -- exhausting. I lost the trail coming down and wound up climbing down some small rock faces and once I got back to the trail it resembled something a mountain goat would use -- challenging coming down.
After I left the main trail, I saw no other human.

Andy Brinkman (518)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Great Climb up to the peak, decided to go the stubborn way and climb through the boulder field and then go around to the summit. Great Views of AFA and Colorado Springs. It can be a little difficult keeping track of trails. Unfortunately ended up in some real nasty brush (thank god for brush pants in the pack). Overall a great hike.