Centennial Cone Trail

Golden, CO
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Centennial Cone Trail is a 16 mile loop trail located near Golden, Colorado that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible from February until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Centennial Cone Park is one of the largest parks in the Jefferson County Open Space system. The park offers visitors a vast, back country-type experience. When setting out to enjoy this expansive park, plan accordingly for your own health and safety.

* Have adequate water -there is no drinking water available on the park
* Be prepared for changing weather conditions; a cool, overcast morning could rapidly change into a beating sun and warm temperatures by mid-day. Afternoon thunderstorms are frequent from spring into fall, and there could even be snow in July.
* Limited shade exists; wear a hat and use sunscreen. Many of the trails have little or no shade. This is good to melt snow and dry out trails in the late fall and early spring, but it can make your trail experience more intense. Another reason to have adequate water.
* Travel with a friend. Because of the size of the park, it is recommended that you visit Centennial Cone Park with a trail buddy. Or at least let someone know when you are leaving and expect to return.
* Carry a cell phone; always a good tip whenever you are enjoying a Jefferson County Open Space park, however realize that reception may not be available in all areas.
* Understand what to do if you encounter a bear or mountain lion. Taking part in trail activities in a natural setting, you assume liability for all risks associated with visiting this Open Space area. Be aware that bears and mountain lions live in this area. Wildlife Encounter Information is provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Open Space.

North Access -- Horse Trailers permitted. Take Colorado Hwy. 93 north from Golden approximately one mile to Golden Gate Canyon Rd. Travel west about 8 miles to Robinson Hill Rd. Travel west about eight miles to Robinson Hill Rd. Turn left and continue to Camino Perdido, the north access road into the park. The trail head is approximately one mile to the south.

West Access -- No horse trailers allowed. From West U.S. Hwy. 6 and State Hwy. 93 west of Golden, travel west on Hwy. 6 about 11 miles. Turn right at Hwy. 119, and travel about 1/2 mile. Turn right onto Douglas Mountain Road and travel about one mile to Centennial Cone Road. Turn right and travel and go about a mile to Centennial Cone Rd., the west entry to the park.

Open Space
700 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

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7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
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69 Completed 39 Reviews

One of the last hikes I did w/puppy Mya. We hiked till it got dark. beautiful sunset. We both love this hike. Only ones on this trail that late. I will so miss her!



8 Completed 5 Reviews

This is great trail for running and strolling. Deceivingly challenging, because it appears to roll up and down. Good for endurance, but very little shade on the first part. Dang! It gets hot! Bring lots of water and sunscreen!



7 Completed 3 Reviews

I usually use this trail to get in shape. It works the legs mountain biking, but can be a bit long. 2 hours for the loop. I've been here many times before but it seems like part of the trail has been closed making me have to reverse the loop after riding 75% of it. There are only a few technical sections in this trail. Use it to practice for the hard stuff.



12 Completed 4 Reviews

The kiddos and I hiked this yesterday. We started wit the Travois Trail. My hubby has biked this before and told us if we were going to do the entire trail it was best to start here. But we also did a side loop of Juniper Trail and part of Mayhem Gulch. That adds an extra 1.6 miles to this already VERY long trail. I would say bring water, if you think you have enough bring more! Also, snacks were in order for the kids. We also took the Evening Sun Loop (another .7 miles) total it was 13.7 miles. It took us aprox 5.30 hours to hike this. we saw deer, lizards, a rabbit and heard lots of birds. The kids enjoyed it immensely from looking at all the bugs (my son who is 17 and my daughter who is 11 fell in love with these huge fuzzy caterpillars that were munching on leaves) The trail wasn't too hard but there were some steep parts and near the end the road is fairly rocky. We will hike this again...though only when kids are out of school



27 Completed 6 Reviews

Beautiful trail but too long for me to do as an after work ride. Had we started from the upper lot, we wouldn't have had to finish the ride in the dark.



36 Completed 19 Reviews

Pretty awesome system of trails, I took the Travios Trail to the Elk Meadow Trail for an approximately 11 mile hiking loop. Fairly rewarding views but hot, hot, hot if taking a mid-day hike. Recommended for early morning or evening.



3 Completed 3 Reviews

This trail is a great trail. I ride it all the time from the Mayhem Gulch side. Its great for after work ride that you only have about and hour or so to ride. It is not a very technical trail at all but there can be some features if you look for them.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

This is an alternate use trail, due to the popularity. On the weekends, hiker's can use the trail on even days and bikes on odd days. Use on the wrong day can lead to a fine. This rule is weekend only.