Centennial Cone Trail

#2 of 2 trails in jefferson county open space

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Centennial Cone Trail is a 16 mile loop trail located near Golden, Colorado that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible from February until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Joshua Colky (1148)

20 Completed9 Reviews

Did the first mile and a half of the loop today - the weather was perfect and the views were excellent. Amazing outcroppings of rock and foothills surround this winding, steady, easy trail. Definitely a fun one to take first-timers who want a good view of the foothills! We had fun!

Cassie Jones (275)

8 Completed5 Reviews

I did the 12.4 mile loop today parking at the Douglas Mountain Rd. parking lot. I left at 8 am and started clockwise. The Elk Range trail which I started on was basically 3.5 miles of a dirt road, which I don't always love hiking on but the views were pretty. Once I reached Traver's trail I was very pleased. It was beautiful and I could not have picked a better day. The weather never got too hot. I would rate this trail as easy. I never had to climb very much but due to it being 12 miles I guess I didn't mind. I completed the loop by 12:15. All in all it was a rewarding hike and great for beginners looking to get in some miles

Z. Dombrowski (63)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Ashley Coffey (246)

21 Completed3 Reviews

My husband and I did the Elk Range to Travois Trail loop on Sunday, July 19, for a total of 12.4 miles. It rained most of the day, especially since we got a late start (my husband is not a "morning person," to say the least), but it was a beautiful, very rewarding hike. The section of the Travois Trail overlooking Clear Creek Canyon is absolutely breathtaking, and the wildflowers were in full bloom! We saw many asters, daisies, succulents, paintbrushes, phlox, and thistles. For a very short drive (less than an hour) from Denver, we felt some distance from the city and encountered a pretty wide variety of ecosystems, from a deep pine forest to rolling plains brimming with flowers to a rocky incline. This hike was easy, but made more difficult by the mileage: 12 miles is not THAT easy a feat for non-marathoners!

We did encounter a prairie rattlesnake during the last 2 miles on the ridgeline overlooking the canyon as the sun came out. I imagine he was tired of the rain as well and just wanted to sun himself on a nice rock, but we stomped and threw things on the ground next to him until he slithered away. Poor little guy.

Overall, I'd give this hike a very unexpected 6.5-7/10. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, but it was not crowded like so many other parks in Jeffco on a weekend, and offers a lot of beautiful scenery for minimal effort/drivetime.

Matt Gardner (196)

1 Completed1 Reviews

My wife and I hiked the 12+ mile loop Travois Trail/Elk Range Trail. Aside from the length, the trail was relatively easy. It was also one of the most beautiful ones. The wildflowers were gorgeous and the views (Rte 6 notwithstanding) were spectacular. You need to be aware of the alternate use weekend deal, but we were there on a hiker only Sunday and it seemed as if we had the whole park to ourselves. I am anxious to go back and do the trail the opposite way. Truly, a great hike and a great day.

Andy Benson (570)

12 Completed1 Reviews

Jeff Martin (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Carissa Black (546)

14 Completed8 Reviews

Ugh. The trails at this location are closed all of December and January for hunting. (Also, be aware that on weekends odd days are for hikers and even days are for bikers).

James Manuel (64)

19 Completed1 Reviews

The Mayhem Gulch trail is nice, but if you're looking for pure nature, may not be that impressive as you can see and/or hear Hwy.6 for most of it. The Juniper Trail, however, is a beautiful hike through trees with solid views across Clear Creek Canyon toward James Peak and Mt. Bancroft. It meets up with the Travois Trail in a beautiful, quiet meadow with commanding views of Centennial Cone.
The Elk Range Trail offers a great walk through a large meadow. Didn't complete the whole thing, as the entire loop (including the whole Travois Trail) is over 12 miles. But I thoroughly enjoyed the roughly 1/4th of the park I hiked. The Travois Trail itself is over 7 miles long.
Watch out for mountain bikers during the week coming up behind you. Or, to avoid them altogether, hike on an odd-numbered weekend day. I went on a Monday, and saw a handful of hikers and mountain bikers. It's a pretty good park for solitude, at least on a Monday.

Susan Hutchinson (3087)

90 Completed59 Reviews

One of the last hikes I did w/puppy Mya. We hiked till it got dark. beautiful sunset. We both love this hike. Only ones on this trail that late. I will so miss her!