Devils Playground from the Crags

#15 of 207 trails in Pike National Forest

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A good hike up the side of Pikes Peak to some interesting Rock formations.

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Stephen Allaby (623)

36 Completed25 Reviews

Great hike! However, we experienced the reason for the name and had to turn back - LIGHTNING!!!

Michelle Pearson (292)

5 Completed3 Reviews

Hiked September and Nov of 2012, altitude sickness the first time made it difficult to breath, no symptoms second time and was a spectacular climb. Took me WAY longer than many people post on here, but I am not from the mountains either and were my first high altitude climbs. So take your time, probably double it, if you are not from the mountains. Was snow and ice the second trip but still a wonderful hike and easy to follow if you stay on the trail! Just remember the way you started because on the way down, that seemed to be confusing as to where to get back to the trailhead near the end and there are a few aux paths near the campground at the lower elevation. Good trail conditions, steep, take hiking poles for the descent to protect your knees. NO cell service except for one breakthru spot about half way up.

Chuck M. (282)

Went up when there was to much snow on the ground and only got halfway up. The view was really nice though. Gonna do again when snow has melted.

Diane Reed (82)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Yikes! This hike is MUCH more difficult than I was expecting based on the description. I am an experienced amateur hiker & I found that this hike takes twice as long as was listed here, and the first several hours are a steep uphill grade (code word: laborious). Even though the final views are spectacular, my 7-year-old twins were utterly exhausted & cranky by that point. Yet they were able to complete The Crags trail all the way to the very end & back at the age of 5 without complaint. So my advice: be prepared to double the hiking time & reconsider whether you want to take children under 10 : )

Jeff Rouse (597)

21 Completed16 Reviews

Great workout. We did Trail head to Playground in 3 hours. We were going to go to the summit but we saw the clouds moving in and the temp dropped so headed home. Made a good call, because a couple of hours later when we got back to Springs you could see it snowed above 12,000.

Eric Dowd (411)

7 Completed6 Reviews

This is a great hike. I did it on the way to Pikes Peak.

Rob Vladimiroff (870)

12 Completed6 Reviews

It is definitely a steep trail but the wildflowers above tree level are spectacular right now with great views from the top. The trailhead has moved from the campground to a parking area/trailhead just before you get to the campground. Can't miss it.

D Collins (321)

5 Completed4 Reviews

The trailhead with free parking and a well-maintained no-fee public outhouse are easy to find and well labelled. The 4.5-hour round trip estimate is low balled. It took me four hours to get to the 13,000'+ summit on the far side of the highway, and nearly three to get back, and I'd describe myself as a good, experienced amateur hiker. Some of the discrepancy may be in determining exactly where to turn around: Devils Playground is an area with several rocky high points, not a single summit. I reached the "area" (western edge, ca. 12700) in about three hours.
A good hike through a variety of landscapes and stunning views. There are stretches that are strenuous, but none that require much expertise. A couple uphill stretches are fairly steep. The trail is well marked for the most part ... however, you only have to miss one switchback to get in trouble! I missed one on the way up and one on the way down, both at roughly where trees transition to shrub. I was obviously not the first to miss the one on the way up as I ended up following someone else's footsteps nearly straight up a gravelly clearing. On the way down, I was on the forested switchbacks that I had missed on the way up and found myself on what must have been an old trail, no longer kept up. I backtracked, found the current trail and made it back to the trailhead.

Kaytha Coker (420)

6 Completed5 Reviews

Awesome hike!!! It is a climb as well as a fairly hard descent but totally worth it! The views are outstanding. My 5 year old made it almost to the Devils playground.

Kerry Motes (187)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Did most of the hike today. Excellent conditions of the trail...still some snow and ice spots. We only made it to 11,750 feet - but my two kids 8/10 both made the trek to that altitude! We are new to CO and that is so far our highest climb!