Grey Rock Trail

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Grey Rock Trail is a 5.7 mile loop trail that travels up a narrow valley and follows switchbacks up a ridge and then down to Greyrock Meadow through a stand of fir trees.

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Kate Fisher (39)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Grey Rock was my first big hiking excursion. Looking back it was probably a tad ambitious for my first outing, but we'll worth it. We had heard it was easier to tackle the meadow trail first and come down by way of the summit trail, and honestly I probably would've keeled over if we hadn't done it that way. Meadow trail proved to be quite difficult for me, it's a lot of up and down and there isn't much shade cover. The meadow trail made the summit trail look like child's play! We rarely stopped coming down and only did to move aside for people who were moving faster than us or were on their way up. There were quite a few large rocks to climb over and quite a few creeks running through as well that caused for slippery stones. But overall, the scenery was gorgeous and the jaunt down refreshing. We journeyed out on a Tuesday and even though there were people out there weren't many and they were all very friendly. We even had the pleasure of getting motivational licks from the several four legged hikers out with their owners. I would highly recommend Grey Rock to anyone (except perhaps the very new hikers, like myself, but then again I never have been able to turn down a challenge). My only word of advice to those who choose to Hike this trail is to watch where you are going, several times I nearly stepped in dog droppings! Don't be intimidated by this trail, if I can do it so can you!

Tim Fiedler (217)

12 Completed6 Reviews

Meadow trail is harder than the summit trail! Thanks to all the other's reviews for the heads up. We did meadow first and were very happy we didn't need to tackle that after the climb up the summit.

It was a Saturday and the parking was full by 8am, we had to park along the highway shoulder there is plenty of room for that thankfully. Be careful turning around, there are blind corners in both directions.

We set up camp near the trailhead. Then we made the loop clockwise starting with the Meadow trail and returning on the Summit trail. Our plan was to hike one day, camp overnight, then return home the following morning, which worked out well. Views were amazing, The small rock piles help stay on track when the trail gets hard to see as you climb to the summit.

Dogs are required to be on leash which is for the best due to the large amount of small cactus lining the trail.

For camping we luckily found a hidden spot that worked and was a bit away from the trail. There was just enough room for a couple tents and already was a little fire ring that worked out great for cooking our dogs from Biker Jim's in Denver. Cross over the trail where it meets the stream and over a small crest. N40° 41.732' W105° 17.424'

The only other decent camp spots are if you go all the way back to the meadow or the fork close to the base of the summit. You are supposed to be 100-200ft from any water which is difficult to find any flat ground (See usda link for info). There are a few possibilities along the meadow trail but it can be very windy.

It was very dry and brown with just a couple signs of spring life. It should be beautiful in a few weeks when it all turns green. Weather was a hot 80F for March but almost down to 30F at 3-4am.

Ron Deezy (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Drew Gilliland (145)

3 Completed1 Reviews

This was a winter hike, and camp, so that may have upped my rating a bit because of the magic of the snow and the added solitude. But the whole hike is gorgeous. Pass through both surreal burn area and intact pine forest with fantastic views of dramatic Grey Rock and other valleys along the trail. The trail isn't overly difficult, either. The meadow beneath the peak is perfect for camping, as well.

Layla Eller (885)

16 Completed12 Reviews

I took another reviewer's advice and took the Meadows Trail up and the Summit Trail down, which I was very grateful for as I was tired after summiting the mountain and going downhill on the Summit Trail was relaxing. The views and scenery at the top were spectacular. The trail was interesting as well, especially since a lot of the Meadows Trail was charred from the fires. Can't recommend this trail enough.

Sherry Gray (230)

11 Completed10 Reviews

A group of us summited Grey Rock. We walked up the meadow trail and down the summit trail. The trail did get hard to follow near the top, but foloow the cairns and you will do fine. The scramble to the summit was fun and the scenery makes the hike worth it.

Lindsey Vogl (1116)

9 Completed5 Reviews

I completed this trail twice. Once for the full circle and once just using the summit trail. I suggest sticking to the summit trail as the meadows trail has absolutely no shade coverage and you home down and up a couple of times. Very tiring after using the summit trail first. The top is spectacular and the scramble up is great! One of my favorite places to hike now:)

Steven Nichols (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I hiked this with my wife and four year old. We got about a mile in. There are a couple of places to put your feet in the stream and some interesting flowers. Some bees made a nest in the trail, and that's kind of fun to see. To get to the trail you'll cross a long bridge over Poudre River. The flow was too high to play in the river when we went but that would be fun later in the season.

Oke Johnson (733)

24 Completed9 Reviews

My wife and I hiked this trail yesterday, we loved it. We did think of a few things that may help you.

1. On a Saturday we arrived at the parking area at 8:30, there weren't very many spots left. We were also surprised to see a restroom available (we didn't use it, but it was good to know).

2. We followed the Grey Rock trail to the top and then took the Grey Meadow trail on the way down. This resulted in a much longer hike than the 5.7 miles advertised. The Grey Meadow trail adds another round of uphill hiking, there are several 'false' summits as you are heading back---keep in mind. We recommend doing the trip counter clockwise, I think you get a nicer view of the giant meadow as you are headed down.

3. There was not nearly as much shade as we thought there would be. The combination of the beetle kill pines and the fire damage have really done a number on parts of the trail. It was really neat to walk through these parts of the forest to see the devastation first hand.

4. The cairns were very helpful once you started up the rock, there are also some 4x4 posts along the way to help when the trail seems to disappear.

This was a great hike and we will definitely be doing it again.

Justine Simons (77)

3 Completed1 Reviews

I'd consider myself to be I'm decent shape. This hike was strenuous once I got to the rock, however, was so rewarding once I got to the top. I ended up taking a dive on the trail coming down off the rock (I'm very graceful) but regardless it was a wonderful morning/early afternoon hike. I started at 9:30 and got back around 2. At one point I felt like I lost track of the trail along the way up the rock, however I followed the man made rock posts and kept going.