Helen Hunt Falls

#4 of 9 trails in North Cheyenne Park

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This is well populated hiking location with a visitor's center open in the summer months. You can view the falls from the road so it's easy to bring children or those who may have trouble hiking. There is a steep hiking trail wraps along the creek to a look out point above the falls.

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Karen Halvorsen (118)

7 Completed3 Reviews

The views were great! It's a 4 mile hike to the waterfall. Prepare to walk the other four back. People would actually walk the road back to their cars which is about a mile down the road and is not great for walking. It's very narrow and paved and hot. I hitchhiked back to my car as I was not prepared to hike another 4 miles today.

Meg Fossinger (228)

9 Completed4 Reviews

Jessica Pettitt (260)

5 Completed6 Reviews

Gorgeous! Busy on peak days, good activities for kids at visitors center.

Ashlee Wallace (270)

8 Completed1 Reviews

Ganga Autoimmuner (165)

10 Completed10 Reviews

This isn't much of a hike, but rather climbing the stairs for a wee bit! The falls can be seen from the parking lot, but the climb is worth it.

Sharon S. (145)

Ok. Pretty.

Amy Fedde (107)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Having a chronically broken ankle this was a wonderful hike with running water and nice forest all around. If you are looking for an intense and demanding hike you want to go someplace else and leave this delightful excursion to those of us who can't keep up with those of you who put this hike down.

Hana Zair (76)

3 Completed3 Reviews

I'm giving it low rating because the end goal is very disappointing. The falls are very small, more of a large boulders with a creek running over them. But the worst part - they are surrounded by such crowds of people and cars, that it doesn't feel as worth-while goal of a lengthy hike.

After a nice lengthy hike I like to arrive somewhere secluded from crowds and cars, where it is peaceful and you can relax amidst nature, and only people there are other hikers. Instead you arrive at mediocre tourist destination full of cars and crowds of people.

The hike by itself is OK - the first part has a long steep hike up the face of mountain with no vegetation. So it is hot, dry and easy to get burned. Once you get pass this part - it is a pleasant easy hiking through the forest.

Arianne Lei (191)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Brought my dogs. The snow was still there from 2 weeks ago. Was kinda slippery. It was an easy short hike. Would do it again. The falls were nice. It was windy and cold up there. Must go

Susan Hutchinson (3065)

89 Completed59 Reviews

Can see Helen Hunt Falls right from the parking lot, so really not a hike. Go 800ft higher in elevation to the cascades. It can be a busy place too.