Helen Hunt Falls

#4 of 9 trails in North Cheyenne Park

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This is well populated hiking location with a visitor's center open in the summer months. You can view the falls from the road so it's easy to bring children or those who may have trouble hiking. There is a steep hiking trail wraps along the creek to a look out point above the falls.

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Jessie K (2017)

34 Completed36 Reviews

Arielle Peel (82)

6 Completed3 Reviews

samarth mehta (548)

18 Completed17 Reviews

Noah D. (157)

The waterfall is visible from the road at the trailhead. Once past the waterfall it's a short hike up to a lookout that is nice. I continued off the trail once at the top and up to a better overlook. Great view from here of Colorado Springs and scenery.

Troy Waters (1244)

91 Completed42 Reviews

My Fiance(at that time) and I hiked this trail it was very crowded and a little rain , easy trail for family's

Chuck M. (282)

Hhhhmmm, don't blink or you'll miss it. Kinda lame waterfall.

Justina Kropp (515)

21 Completed14 Reviews

Easy hike, a waterfall, and good view. Worth stopping for a quick look- there are many other trails in the area to check out afterward

Jacob Vyvlecka (149)

7 Completed7 Reviews

Short and sweet. There's quite a few places around to see though

Jeff Dansby (138)

10 Completed2 Reviews

Dakota Duff (2312)

42 Completed43 Reviews

It's a super-short hike to a small, but pretty waterfall. It can be quite crowded.