Lake Isabelle

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Lake Isabelle is a 4 mile out and back trail located near Nederland, Colorado that features a great forest setting and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from July until October.

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Lindsay Fitzhugh (387)

13 Completed11 Reviews

Pretty muddy, so wear good shoes. Trail is easy/moderate, nothing strenuous. Saw 2 moose today :)

Kelly Jessup (118)

3 Completed4 Reviews

One of my favorite hikes in all of Colorado! My friend and I did it yesterday and its ready to enjoy

Kelly Jessup (118)

3 Completed4 Reviews

One of my favorite hikes in all of Colorado! My friend and I did it yesterday and its ready to enjoy

Joe Weber (314)

19 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful hike. Still alot snow pack on trail. Wet and muddy in places but easily doable. The lake is well worth the hike.

Pai Liamthong (104)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Pai Liamthong (104)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Amanda F (220)

29 Completed11 Reviews

Beautiful lake, enjoyable hike and fairly easy. We went in October and there was a considerable amount of ice/snow on the trail but the scenery is worth it. Because of the melting snow/ice the trail is very wet so make sure to wear appropriate shoes.

Jen W (87)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Nice, gentle, rolling, wooded hike with gorgeous scenery. Spotted a moose hanging out on the edge of Long Lake on the way.

Based on the trail and previous reviews, I would assume that the trail is at least partially wet the whole year. In shaded north-facing areas, there was a decent amount of ice and snow. Bring waterproof boots or at least shoes you don't mind getting muddy. This trail, probably due to the mild elevation changes, is the most popular I've seen with families in a while.

This hike is longer than indicated. I hike at a fairly decent clip (passed many families and slower walking couples) and I did not make it all the way to Lake Isabelle due to time constraints. I had to park at the day use area and I took the Niwot Trail Junction to the Jean Lunning Trail which runs along the south side of Long Lake, where it then curves north and meets the Pawnee Pass Trail, which leads to the lake. I had to turn around at the junction. All in all it was almost 2 hours on the dot from parking lot to parking lot. I'd add at least another half hour to make it to the lake and back.

Dustin Mobley (923)

15 Completed15 Reviews

We were surprised to find so much snow and ice, but it was an amazing hike. This was my first hike with snow on the ground and it was a beautiful site. This place has got to be amazing in the summer months with the lakes full, waterfalls, and the views.
Our plan was to make it to Isabelle Glacier, however, we came about 1 mile short. Due to high winds, blowing snow, and just not completely prepared for the conditions we turned around, but I'm heading back in late July-Early August to try again.
We started the hike about 9am and with the starting temperature 32 degrees and windy we were surprised to see so many cars in the lot. Only passed a few people on the way up, but passed 10-15 people on the way down.
What a beautiful place.

James Bailey (127)

21 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful hike- once you get to the trailhead. If you park at the upper lot, prior to entering the park, you've got a 2 mile walk to Brainard lake plus a mile to Long Lake. Get there early in the morning, late in the afternoon or during the week in order to park near Brainard Lake.
The hike to Lake Isabella is a beauty! Not much grade increase until the last quarter of a mile. Pay attention to all of the warnings about the mosquitos. They are plentiful and huge (as in carry of small cattle huge!)