Maxwell Falls and Cliff Trail Loop Trail

#1 of 146 trails in Arapaho National Forest
This candy wrapper style loop trail, located near Evergreen, CO, will take you past 2 small water falls and Upper Maxwell Falls if you do the whole loop. This is a easy to moderate trail with only a minor elevation gain of 644 ft.

5.25 miles Point to Point 644 feet
Dog Friendly
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This forested trail has two trail head options with a loop in the middle. This information is from the lower trail head parking lot.

From the lower trail head the distance to Upper Maxwell Falls is about 2 miles. From the lower trail head after crossing the foot bridge stay to the left and follow the signs and the river upwards to go directly to Upper Maxwell Falls or go right to go up Cliff Loop Trail which will meet back with Maxwell Falls trail just above the falls. If you take Maxwell Falls trail first the falls will be two miles up on the left and down. Just listen for the water getting louder and keep an eye out. Its a bit hidden. You can turn back from here or continue past the falls a short way to find the Cliff Loop Trail on the right. This will take you back around to the foot bridge. Or you can go the opposite way, taking Cliff Loop Trail from the foot bridge and coming back down Maxwell Falls Trail. You will see one very small falls a bit lower on Maxwell Falls Trail and another on Cliff Trail near the foot bridge.

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