Mills Lake

#10 of 132 trails in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Mills Lake is a 5 mile out and back trail located near Estes Park, Colorado that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until November.

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Z. Dombrowski (47)

2 Completed0 Reviews

Chat Coats (515)

24 Completed15 Reviews

Josh Jackson (731)

9 Completed6 Reviews

Amazing hike. How does this trail not get 5 stars? It has everything...creek crossings, a few uphill thigh burners, great views, waterfalls, amazing vistas, wildlife, and two gorgeous mountain lakes. Just get there early before the tourists arrive with their large groups and excessive noise.

Mike Rogers (669)

25 Completed11 Reviews

One of the best hikes out there. We did a loop on this trail between Bear Lake and Glacier Gorge Trailheads. It was about 7.5 miles in total length but well worth it to see both Mills Lake and Lake Haiyaha as well as Dream, Nymph and Bear Lakes.

Our 4 and 7 yr old toughed it out and made it too. Though they were very very tired the last mile. Would love to do the hike again.

David Yost (94)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Beata Mckee (147)

7 Completed7 Reviews

This is one of favorite lakes, and the trail is very enjoyable. The trail offers waterfalls, mountain views, forest, lake, and open areas along the hike to Mills. It's best to arrive early in the summer months to avoid people traffic and to get parking at Glacier Gorge but the hike from Bear Lake is not difficult, either.

Marcie Robidart (496)

45 Completed27 Reviews

Lindsay Fitzhugh (458)

14 Completed12 Reviews

Craig Atkins (172)

10 Completed7 Reviews

Great snow hike! Traction devices/ snow shoes needed/recommended to complete trek. Snow is getting thin and creeks are beginning to run. Beware of some weak spots in the trail as it crosses the water. Great fun and beautiful weather.

DeWayne Hansen (21571)

131 Completed121 Reviews

No sun today. Wasn't a bad hike, but Iv'e hiked this in summer and was a lot better for pictures. did get frozen waterfalls.2009-nov.