Mills Lake

#9 of 132 trails in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Mills Lake is a 5 mile out and back trail located near Estes Park, Colorado that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until November.

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Marcie Robidart (496)

45 Completed27 Reviews

Lindsay Fitzhugh (387)

13 Completed11 Reviews

Craig Atkins (154)

9 Completed6 Reviews

Great snow hike! Traction devices/ snow shoes needed/recommended to complete trek. Snow is getting thin and creeks are beginning to run. Beware of some weak spots in the trail as it crosses the water. Great fun and beautiful weather.

DeWayne Hansen (19932)

122 Completed111 Reviews

No sun today. Wasn't a bad hike, but Iv'e hiked this in summer and was a lot better for pictures. did get frozen waterfalls.2009-nov.

Hanna Pueblo (498)

34 Completed5 Reviews

Beautiful! The crowd thinned after passing Alberta Falls at about 0.6 miles in.

Larry Jarrett (5933)

82 Completed43 Reviews

Great Hike!. Awesome views and lots of wildlife.

Jami Ignatz (109)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing hike. Beautiful mountain views, waterfalls and streams. The lake is stunning. Pretty sunny trail so be prepared for that.

Tom Moldenhauer (6885)

133 Completed50 Reviews

Awesome hike up Glacier Gorge in RMNP. If you are in to photography, the best time to photograph this Lake and Longs Peak is the afternoon and evening. Awesome alpenglow on Longs at sundown. You can still make it down to the parking lot before dark in the summer if you hussle,best to bring a headlamp though to be safe.

Sandy Hozempa (317)

12 Completed12 Reviews

This puts my other 5 star ratings to shame. Love love love this trail (and can't wait to do it again in the spring!). Hiked in mid-December and even with a light snow falling and views if the mountain peaks hazy at best, It was absolutely breathtaking. Lake frozen solid snowpacks most of the way up, so challenging at times, but otherwise a fairly easy hike.

Caraline Bianchetto Chase (883)

36 Completed16 Reviews

After hiking this trail twice last year, I knew I had to go back again. This summer we snagged two nights at the Glacier Gorge backcountry site and even with 35 pounds on my back, I still loved coming to this lake. My favorite part of the hike is when the trail finally levels out and the trail is on a ledge along the gorge. As you approach the lake, you can almost feel like something spectacular is going to happen! This is the hike I recommend the most to people, and is my favorite in the park so far!