Mohawk Lakes

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Mohawk Lakes is a 6.8 mile out and back trail located near Breckenridge, Colorado. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for camping, fishing, fly fishing & hiking.

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1 Completed0 Reviews

Great hike. VERY busy over 4th of July weekend. Upper lakes are a must. We hiked through the forest but the road to the base of the falls is very drivable by truck.

Julie S. (80)

We arrived mid morning this past holiday weekend and had a place to park on the side of the road by the first trail head. The trail was more difficult than we thought with the rock scramble at the end but that made it fun. The views were absolutely gorgeous up at the lower lake. We didn't continue on to the upper lake.
Only small thing - We didn't realize how far up we could have parked. I could have done without the first leg of the hike that goes through the woods. The trail opens back up to a parking lot at the top of Spruce Creek Road. If you're not looking to hike a lot of miles and have a car that can handle a very rocky road, then drive up to the top of the road. You can also find parking along the road past that first trail head parking and just walk up the road.

Travis Konkle (898)

14 Completed9 Reviews

This is a gorgeous hike that is accessible to most anyone. This trail is very poplar since it is so close to Breckenridge. The parking lot is full by mid morning. Bug spray is highly recommended around Mayflower Lake. The trail takes you up above 12,000' so bring plenty of water and snacks. My GPS said we gained over 1,800' on the ascent.

Erin Bouch (50)

5 Completed2 Reviews

We have a Toyota Tacoma so we drove up the road and parked to cut down a bit of the hike but didn't realize just how FAR we could have parked and so we ended up clocking 7.5 miles total. The trail is VERY rocky and kind of a pain in the A$$. We wanted to do a trail that would get us prepared for a 14er (as in ascent and elevation gain) so we knew what we were up against. I just hated the amount of rock scrambling we had to do for almost the entire trail. Plus with the amount of mud, ice and snow pack and lack of was just not a good time to do this trail in mine and my husband's opinion. We probably would have chosen a different trail had we known about the amount of sun exposure too (we didn't use a lot of sunscreen and I had a tank top on because we thought whatever trail we chose would be more shaded). Not blaming the trail for this but wish we had a better heads up on what to expect. If you're prepared, then you should be very pleased with this trail.

The scenery is, like everyone has said, stunning. The ponds, lakes, old cabins, shelter, mining equipment, the waterfall (that waterfall is AMAZING!) were all pretty freakin' sweet. We felt physically challenged in a good way! When we got done we felt great. Today I feel great. We'll see about tomorrow haha The trail also needs to be better marked. Be aware that I saw on here that this trail takes "2.5 hours". The only way this could take someone 2.5 hours, is if they're hauling butt up it and don't take any breaks. My husband is a former Marine (got out 2 years ago) and we finished it in 3.5 hours. We were going at a pretty steady speed with few, short breaks. We would do this hike again but not before trying all the other places in Breckenridge! :)

Brian Fink (196)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Scott S. (87)

Great trail overall. Moderate climb in elevation and distance. A little bit of everything for scenery: lakes, meadows, mountain vistas, forests, streams. Still was quite muddy towards the end of June, so the right shoes are a must.

Debbie Gregory (963)

39 Completed10 Reviews

Love this trail. July is a good month for wildflowers. We also saw mountain goats,
Waterfalls,and old homes or cabins along the way

Jocalyn E. (124)

By far my most favorite hike in Colorado thus far. If you drive up as far as possible you can bypass the first few miles and only have 1.5miles or so to the lakes. Def worth the trip. Well marked and heavily traveled. Dog friendly. Don't miss out on the upper lake!!!

Alexander Blyth (397)

7 Completed8 Reviews

Interesting experience here. YOU WILL NEED SNOWSHOES if you plan on doing this hike soon. Luckily, before we went my girlfriend spoke to a park ranger who strongly recommended snowshoes, so we rented some then camped overnight near the trailhead, planning on completing the hike early in the morning. The trail is very well marked for the first 2 miles, and well-tracked, but after that it appears most people give up, discouraged by repeatedly sinking thigh-deep into the snow. Around this point of the hike, the trail markers become more and more sparse, and we ended up having to create our own trails, or follow other footprints through the snow for most of the last mile and a half, supposedly following a trail to Monarch lake but never finding it then stumbling by chance across the mining cabin. The "trail" then becomes very steep in the final climb up to the lakes... and pretty sketchy. Even with snowshoes we sank in a good deal, and I got really nervous after punching through snow into a hole on the edge of a rock face several feet deep. But we pushed on, and after a few disappointing crests reached a peak with a large cairn built on top overlooking the lower Mohawk Lake... still iced over and completely covered in snow. Both of us decided the upper lake wasn't worth the trek, so we turned around and headed back to our basecamp. Hopefully we'll be able to return later in the summer to see what these lakes are really like.

TL;DR: Wait for a month or so before doing this hike.

David Henderson (732)

11 Completed3 Reviews

First hike ever in the snow and what a great hike to pick. I was only able to go half way due to time, but plan to return and complete it. The trail was very well marked Went towards the end of May only a few people on the trail. They say the lake is beautiful. I plan to see that next time.