Mount Herman

#13 of 206 trails in Pike National Forest
Mount Herman is a 1.1 mile out and back trail located near Monument, CO and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking and is accessible from May until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.1 miles 889 feet Out & Back
dog friendly hiking mountain biking
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Ray Byrd

2 Completed1 Reviews

Parts of the trail were covered with snow and ice but Its a pretty nice trail. As others have stated it gets a little tricky at the end.

Gary Sexton

1 Completed1 Reviews

Trail becomes a little hard to follow towards the top but just keep heading north and once you reach the top be prepared for amazing views.

Slim Sieben

3 Completed3 Reviews

An amazing view of the city from the top. I lost track of the trail about 1.5 miles in but using my Google GPS I was able to find my way to the top as the All Trails GPS stopped showing the trail once mobile data signal is lost. Good cell signal at the top. Well worth the moderate hike. Now time to find my way back down.

Judy Pretzer

6 Completed4 Reviews

Amazing views from the top. A little steep in areas for me, but well worth it.

David Seyfried

21 Completed7 Reviews

Finished this today with our 5 year old and 2 year old. A few steep areas but nothing that was not manageable. Amazing views all around from the top. Will definitely be doing it again.

Rob R.

Great trail, not too hard, rewarded with nice views from the top. Good for dogs - not too many people and easy to keep an eye on them. Will do again.

Taylor Cline

13 Completed4 Reviews

Great easy hike close to home!

Hana Zair

3 Completed3 Reviews

Nice, pleasant and not difficult hike. Good weekend hike, especially if you live in the area. The reason I'm giving it 4 stars not 5 - there is nothing particularly awe-inspiring about it. Just nice. :)

Taylor Cline

13 Completed4 Reviews

Mitch Cutts

21 Completed6 Reviews

I love Mount Herman. It is the place to go if you want to show someone who has never been hiking in Colorado Springs all that we have in the area! I like it because there are so many options. For example, you can start at the official trailhead on nursery road and make it a 4 mile hike up to Monument Rock and back down. Or, you can start across from the fire road, and follow the fire road up to the ranger station or through the meadows behind the trees that are in a line. My favorite hike however, is about 6 miles up the road, called trail 716. This trail takes you to the summit of Mount Herman and provides you with one of the best views of the area and pike national forest behind it. I would warn that the drive is exposed at points and is not recommended during winter.