Ouzel Falls Trail

#3 of 132 trails in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Very good hike. Took it last Sept alone and plan to take extended family in July.

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Chat Coats (391)

19 Completed13 Reviews

Rich Ramsdale (75)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This is a short and beautiful hike. The hike is about 5.5 miles round trip with so much to see. The last 1.5 miles getting to the waterfall is a little strenuous other than that it's a very relaxing hike. This is a must do!

Skye Bacus (205)

13 Completed6 Reviews

Short, easy, a lot of people. Waterfalls were pretty.

Jeff Purcell (653)

14 Completed14 Reviews

Ouzel Falls is a part of the Wild Basin area and is one of my favorite areas to go hiking and snowshoeing. If you like being near water when you hike then you'll love this one. The hike to Ouzel takes you past Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades as you follow the water all along the way. The trek from Calypso to Ouzel gets a bit more steep than the rest but well worth the effort.

Chris Fay (246)

5 Completed1 Reviews

One of the most beautiful trails we've hit yet. Took my wife and 3 young kids on this trail and while we didn't quite make it to the falls due to weather, the entire route was breathtaking. Will definitely return to do this one again.

Erin Burvee (184)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike...beautiful water scenes!

Christy Marie (58)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Reese Holle (152)

6 Completed2 Reviews

Jamie Reid (634)

20 Completed10 Reviews

This is a great hike with a family, very easy trail. However, we wanted more, so we hit up the falls on their "alternate" trail due to the bridge being out and then continued on to Ouzel Lake to add some miles to the hike. I uploaded pics on the lake trail, but the falls are very beautiful nonetheless. Lots of wildflowers are out as well!

Adria Repp (41)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike with teenagers. Beautiful sights and sounds.