Siamese Twins Trail

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Siamese Twins Trail is a 0.5 mile loop trail located near Colorado Springs, Colorado and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until October.

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Annie Cerda (55)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great views

Justina Kropp (555)

21 Completed14 Reviews

I hiked this trail with my sister on a very hot day. The rocks were fun to navigate, and there are some interesting large rock formations to check out. The trail also appears to be utilized by horseback riders on tours. Note: this trail does not have very much shade, so water and sunscreen are musts in summer.

Matt Bowen (2059)

25 Completed17 Reviews

Fun, easy trail, but very crowded. Too many people for my tastes. Watch for rattlers also.

Katrina Martin (962)

20 Completed20 Reviews

Fun little trail, but when I went there were tons of people climbing all over rocks taking pictures. I guess just a touristy as other parts of GOGs

S J. (87)

Fun trail especially for active boys. We had a lot of fun hiking the trail and then climbing the rocks.

L.t. Atwell (634)

22 Completed20 Reviews

Nice little trail takes you up to the Siamese Twins formation of Garden of the Gods. Offers good views of the rest of the park as well as Pikes Peak.

Melissa M (3463)

60 Completed32 Reviews

Nice easy trail that brings you up to siamese twins formation; less crowded than main park area. Nice views of surrounding mountains and valley.

Chris Youlton (510)

20 Completed10 Reviews

Jodi L Rose (1059)

22 Completed13 Reviews

Easy short trail that is great to bring your out of state visitors to for a great Colorado Memory. The window to pikes peak is a favorite photo opp spot! We have been here several times.

Terry X. (805)

The Twins are down in the southern part of the park. You don't get as many huge, awesome rock formations (although there are a few, including the Siamese Twins, as well as Balanced Rock), but this area is a little less crowded and the trails have more of a "hiking" look and feel to them. Very cool.