Spruce Creek Trail

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Spruce Creek Trail is a 6.2 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Breckenridge, CO and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing and is accessible from June until October.

6.2 miles 1699 feet Loop
hiking snowshoeing
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Directions from Breckenridge: Take Hwy 9 south of town. Turn right into The Crown subdivision at Spruce Creek Road. Follow the main road, taking left turns at most intersections. Look for blue diamonds on the trees while driving through the subdivision. These will help you through the newer intersections that may not be left turns. The 2wd trailhead will be on the left after approximately 1.2 miles. Four wheel drive or high clearance vehicles may continue 1.5 miles to the upper trailhead.

Jay Lindberg
1 day ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike. Easy but still enough of a challenge. The entire trail was covered in feet of snow. We had to travel on a compact snow trail. One step off the compacted snow and down you go. It made the hike a bit more fun. This hike has stunning views and perfect for half day.

Kendra Poirier
8 months ago

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Jillian Wasson
8 months ago

13 Completed2 Reviews

Kent Brown
9 months ago

3 Completed2 Reviews

Nice easy trail super views all the way !!

Sharon Durham
9 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Started around 2pm, and due to being somewhat overweight and out of shape (and unaccustomed to altitude), took us 4 hours to get to lower Mohawk Lake. Well worth it! Stunning views throughout the entire hike, especially as you get close to the falls at the old mining cabin. The terrain from this point on is pretty strenuous, steep and rocky, with large areas of solid rock slope, but at the steepest part, there is a heavy steel cable that you can hang on to for more stability - helped me a lot, both going up and down. Lower Mohawk was gorgeous, and we could see several large trout swimming close to the old mine cart. Would love to have continued up to the other lake, but just didn't have it in me - this time. As another reviewer mentioned, mosquitos are thick - be sure to wear/bring sunscreen, lots of water and a hat. Also wish I'd had poles for the return trip - it was a bit hard on my 52-year-old knees!

Travis Konkle
11 months ago

14 Completed9 Reviews

This is a gorgeous hike for anyone near Breckenridge. You will work as you gain 1,800' on the ascent. Weekends can get crowded. In the summer be sure to pack your bug spray as the skeeters are fierce near Mayflower Lakes.

Renee H.
11 months ago

We attempted this hike in late May - boy do I wish I had brought my snow shoes or cleats! The snow was still quite high - most of the trail about 2 feet, but sometimes even higher. This caused problems as the day became warmer and the packed snow began to give way. We also didn't make it past the Meadow Lakes because of the snow depth (we were not alone, most hikers turned around from what I could tell). We did get to witness an avalanche (no injuries, it was far enough away), which was pretty darn cool! I'll be doing this hike again!

Matthew Osminer
1 year ago

19 Completed2 Reviews

We didn't quite make it to Lower Mohawk as my wife and I both appeared to have picked up a touch of food poisoning or something and had to turn back. However this is a beautiful hike with mining ruins and lots to see along the way.

Plenty of water so no need to haul a lot if you have a purification option open to you.

This trail is also relatively rough. The lower portion has dense tree roots and the upper is rocky. Bring good shoes. You might consider some hiking poles if you're unsure of your balance.

Hiked a week ago and the trail is damp but all snow is clear. Somebody noted crazy mosquitoes. While there were quite a few they were nothing compared to my Colorado Trail hike a week prior out of Twin Lakes. Do bring some repellent but your trip won't be ruined.

The downside - this trail is CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY busy. Local resorts organize group hikes and the trail is very close to town and easy to get to. Be prepared to dodge people all day long. There is so much traffic that many areas of the tail have been overrun killing surrounding vegetation and forming many side trails. If you're looking for a more pristine experience this trail isn't for you.

E K.
2 years ago

A very nice hike. I did it the 2nd week of October and there was considerable snow on the ground in the first 1/3rd or the trail. But the hike was beautiful. Took me two hours to the lower lake and it was worth it! The falls are also beautiful. Not too steep except for some boulders above the falls. Recommended!

Chris McNabb
2 years ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

Two novice climbers took 2.5 hours (not including descent) to get up to Mayflower Lake. Scenery was absolutely beautiful with trees, mountain views, a serene mountain pond, and the occasional critter or bird. The path is well-maintained, heavily wooded/shaded, and has a steady incline that's not too taxing. The altitude, however, made the hike challenging for two people from Dallas (10,000' feet lower). Be advised that if you want to reach the Mohawk Lakes, it may take you significantly longer than AllTrails estimates because you must hike Spruce Creek before you even begin Mohawk (unless you 4-wheel up the mountain to the start of the Mohawk Lakes Trail). Because of this, we never reached the Mohawk Lakes due to time constraints and an afternoon rain shower, which you should absolutely plan for in the summer months. Fun hike, but budget your time accordingly and account for afternoon summer rain to have the best experience.

Michele Casey
2 years ago

5 Completed1 Reviews

My favorite trail of the week. We saw waterfalls, mining equipment, and beautiful lakes. Absolutely worth the hike. If you would like to shorten the hike, you can drive up to the Spruce Creek Diversion and Park. There is a good map at the trailhead.

Rodney Muller
3 years ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Very nice trail. Steady but not too steep climb. Enough tree coverage for partial shade (more than 70%). Pleasant hikers.

Mary Tyra
3 years ago

11 Completed8 Reviews

Great trail, there are streams to cross and logs to walk over if you start at the beginning. It is a steady climb pretty much all the way. Remember you will be close to the tree line so air will be scarce if your not climitized. Definitely worth it, start early.
We went to the Continental Falls - you have to climb for a couple miles to even see the sign for the falls. Keep moving it's worth it.

Tom Lewandowski
3 years ago

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We took this trail to lead us to upper Mohawk lake. It's a steady incline, but the trail is in good shape and if you use it to get to Mohawk lake it's worth the effort. Enjoy

Nancy Magyar
4 years ago

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We drove to the very end of the 1.5 mile road to the trail head which saved a lot of time in hiking/climbing since we didn't get started til mid afternoon. Climbed to to top of Continental Falls which is also where Lower Mohawk Lake is. The waterfall is beautiful and so are the views. We were planning on going all the way up to Mohawk Lake but turned around at this point due to lack of daytime. Didn't want to be driving the four wheel drive road back out in the dark. Next time have to start earlier!