Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail

#3 of 207 trails in Pike National Forest

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Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail is a 5.5 mile loop trail that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options and is accessible from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Mitch Cutts (284)

21 Completed6 Reviews

This is a very good family trail. While it is a long distance, there is not much elevation change, and there are many opportunities for picnics and breaks along the rocks on the edge of the mountain. There are many good views here, and i would recommend doing the trail during early summer, or during late fall where colors are most vibrant.

Carissa Black (280)

9 Completed3 Reviews

I jogged this on a cloudy day with flurries so didn't get to enjoy the views, but the rest of the trail was enjoyable. Parts of the ascent and descent were icier than I was expecting - I would suggest bringing yaktrax. Looking forward to completing this loop again,

Darren D. (62)

Relatively easy hike, especially when you get to the top plateau area. Only a few people there for a Friday afternoon in the winter. I took the longer base trail on the way up, and opted for the shorter route on the way down as daylight was fading. If you have the time, the longer trail is a nice walk through the wooded north side of the park. I'ts a little longer, but for me, it was worth it. The melting snow created more than a few areas where mud was a little messy to walk through, mainly on the south side of the top loop. The north side is very wooded and shade helped keeps the snow longer. This was my first time hiking this trail. I am looking forward to doing it again in other seasons.

Greg Peoples (1492)

45 Completed13 Reviews

Nice place for a family picnic. Nice views of Pikes Peak from Windy point.

Brian Burek (361)

30 Completed1 Reviews

Great little trail--not a lot of serious elevation gain or particularly challenging, but just scenic and pleasant. We hiked it today, but we're looking forward to going back for trail running and mountain biking.

Bridget Seritt (48)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Love this Open Space for its variety. This is one of my favorite spots to walk when I need a breather!

Kathy Shaw (200)

15 Completed11 Reviews

Great trail with beautiful scenery. It's beautiful on a clear fall day. Several trail options too.

Jen Calvanese (181)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Easy inclines for the kids… We went later in the day on a cooler day and the trail was not crowded at all. Great views and some cool climbing spots for photos. Kids loved the cliffs. Can't wait to give this one a trail run w/o the kids later.
There are also picnic tables if you want to pack a lunch!

Janet MacDonald (289)

7 Completed6 Reviews

This is a must do again trail, great tree coverage and very well maintained. Not to many people early in the morning. Watch for people on bikes as most don't understand the protocol of hiker and bikes. Great views and a soft trail that is easy to want to go right back up and do it again :) Happy Hiking!