The Incline Trail

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The Incline Trail is a 3.4 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Manitou Springs, CO that offers the chance to see wildlife and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is accessible from May until October.

3.4 miles 1850 feet Loop
no dogs kid friendly hiking trail running walking forest views wildlife rocky
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The trail is the remains of a cog railway that went to the top of Manitou Mountain. The trail gains about 2000 feet of elevation in about a mile. Imagine climbing a rough uneven set of stairs that's a mile long. There is a bail out about half way up that will put you on barr trail. Beware of the false summit just past the bail out. Once you're at the top you can hike back down the incline, or turn south and hike or run back down barr trail. The view from the top over Colorado Springs is worth the effort. This is a great trail for training and it is what most people use it for. As of right now it is illegal to hike the incline, it's private property and hiking it is concidered trespassing. Of course, this doesn't stop hundreds of people from doing it every week, but hike at your own risk.

Cory Reedy
25 minutes ago

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Belinda P.
18 hours ago

it was a beast.

Belinda P.
18 hours ago

it's a beast!

Daina Elliote
5 days ago

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Very tough hike but very rewarding. Start early before the crowd gets in. I love to jog back down the winding trail then gorge on some much needed food (you'll definitely want to). Depending on your physical activity it will take you anywhere from 35 mins up to 2 hours! stretch and enjoy the view as you work your way to the top. Bring water!

Caleb Carlock
7 days ago

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Vivian G.
7 days ago

Definitely a good work out, not the easiest of climbs but worth it in the end. Will for sure be doing it again!

Karen Alexander
8 days ago

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Grueling but great. :)

Brent Witthuhn
10 days ago

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I've done the incline 2x and about to do it again. The first thing you must deal with is parking. The trail head is right by the COG railway and when that thing is running, forget about it. It is also close to the start of the Barr Trail and that small lot is always packed. They do have an Incline Base Camp now with some parking in that area but it's usually full. Be prepared to park in Manitou or on Ruxton. Careful though, if you aren't in a parking zone get ready for a nice ticket when you return from your hike. The incline itself is amazing. It's always full of people and those people are all being humbled by this beast of a hike. If the altitude increase doesn't get you, the brutal stairs will destroy your hamstrings. It's worth it though. The views are awesome, there are always nice people in misery with you, and once you make summit it is all forgotten. However, you have a 4 mile walk downhill on the Barr Trail so be prepared for that. Bring water, snacks, and good shoes. Some people go back down the Incline but I think that's a good way to blow out a knee or slip and fall to your death. Plus, if it's crowded then coming down forces people to move over and not everyone is able to do that on a moments notice. If you haven't done this though, you need to get it done. Best hike in the Springs.

Russia Snipes
11 days ago

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I love the incline. it is my favorite trail yet. only 1 mile up but it's super intense! Beautiful views all around and you can do some more of barr trail if going up the incline wasn't enough.

Kevin Karr
12 days ago

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It's challenging but worth the hike

Lori Lockhart
19 days ago

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Very difficult. Anyone considering this climb needs to be in good health and have strong legs. Bring an inhaler if you have any breathing issue!!

April Ivey
20 days ago

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Not an easy thing to do, but completely worth it!!

Jim Snyder
20 days ago

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Dakota Rardin
21 days ago

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This is a great trail. Mind over matter is exceptionally true with this one.

I completed the incline, as a beginner, in a little over an hour. It's important that you pace yourself. I traveled rather slowly, and exhaled with every step - this got me into a great comfortable pace.

The views make this trail all more rewarding - nice view of Pikes Peek and other neighboring mountains. Though it's technically a separate trail, taking Barr trail down from the top, is a nice change of pace - in which I finished in 1 and a half hours.

Robert Edwards
27 days ago

14 Completed0 Reviews

a must do for the visiting people and locals alike, is challenging throughout but plenty of areas to turn out and take a rest, completed in 48 min. I recommend a early start, it was very hot with sun on my back the whole time starting out at 11am in Sep 15. Get at it!!!!

Clay Rose
30 days ago

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Redlined most of the way

Marcella D
1 month ago

27 Completed28 Reviews

Wow. I grew up playing on this mountain. The stairs up are tough!! it's worth all the heavy breathing. there is a Barr Trail bail off about midway up the stairs. Great climb. can't wait to do it again!

Katie Dove
1 month ago

13 Completed2 Reviews

Great challenge! No snow pack at all today. A few slush/muddy spots here and there, more so on the Barr trail on the way down.

Zach LAver
1 month ago

13 Completed1 Reviews

great mild workout close to town

Walter Solveson
1 month ago

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The Incline is brutal. It took me 1.5 hours up. I rested 42 times waiting for yoga pants to come past and motivate me the next few hundred feet. No snow pack this past weekend.