The Incline Trail

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The Incline Trail is a 3 mile loop trail located near Manitou Springs, Colorado that offers the chance to see wildlife and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & trail running and is accessible from May until October.

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Mike Davidek (25)

1 Completed0 Reviews

Beautiful and gratifying if you make it up! The side trails are really fun as well..

John Saari (277)

27 Completed4 Reviews

Definitely one you won't forget. Unfortunately it's practically guaranteed to be busy.

Taylor Cline (101)

13 Completed4 Reviews

Doesn't get much harder than this, but it sure is fun

Erica Urban (149)

9 Completed9 Reviews

Not recommended for a tourist who has not acclimated to the altitude. This is a steep trail (I had to use my hands at times to make sure I didn't fall backwards) and if you start to feel altitude sickness, it could get dangerous.

That being said, if you are acclimated and in decent shape you can do this! Slow and steady worked for me. Took me almost 2 hours to the top, but I stopped quite a bit to catch my breath.

The Barr Trail back down had some spectacular views as well.

Joseph Zarella (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Becky Martinez (40)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Chris Whitcomb (424)

8 Completed3 Reviews

Killer on the uphill but well worth it!

Protip: Bring a large backpack to defend against the passing runners as you head down the Barr Trail!

Dustin Mobley (922)

15 Completed15 Reviews

Strenuous Workout, but worth it. Nice easy 3 mile hike back mostly in shade.

Dustin Mobley (922)

15 Completed15 Reviews

A strenuous, but great workout.

Alex Krasavin (400)

8 Completed3 Reviews