Burr Pond

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Burr Pond is a 2.7 mile loop trail located near Torrington, Connecticut that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Jim Kile (773)

21 Completed5 Reviews

This Burr Pond Loop is a well-maintained and well-blazed (blue rectangle) trail that loops around Burr Pond. While there is not much change in elevation during the loop, the trail changes frequently -- from somewhat rocky, root filled, and an abundance of tree stumps to pine needle covered and flat. During my hike (mid-May), there were several additional obstacles due to the amount of rain received in the area over the last several months. Some areas were muddy and several parts of the trail were covered with water -- sometimes leaving me to ponder how to cross to the other side. Even areas where there were foot bridges tended to have pools or running water that made getting to the foot bridge a challenge only to have a similar challenge on the other side. I have no doubt that once the summer rolls around those obstacles will disappear, but they are something to be aware of if you choose to take the trail in the spring or after heavy rains. The areas covered in rocks, tree roots, and tree stumps may make the trail a challenge for someone that has difficulty walking steady or cannot easily hop over them. Nevertheless, I would rate this trail as easy to moderate. Because you are looping around the pond, great views of it are never far from the trail and there are plenty of places you can stop and just take in the view.

YvetteJeannine Boucher (212)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Great place to take your dog (although technically dogs are supposed to be leashed at all times, I've never had a problem with my dog off-leash, and see most folks have their pups off-leash, too-just make sure your dog is dog/people friendly). If you're in really good physical shape, then the route will probably be easy-moderate. I am packing some extra 'luggage', AND I have severe Asthma, so for ME, parts of the route are a little more difficult. Still, I take little 'breaks', and enjoy the scenery (which overlooks the pond). One half of the route is up-hill (that's the more strenuous half).

It should be noted that the whole trail is heavily occluded w/ stumps, woody vines, rocks, and many obstacles. Attention must be paid so that one does not trip over this stuff; that's another reason that makes this trail a little more difficult. For someone really light on their feet, they can easily avoid said obstacles, and 'hop' over a lot of the stuff. For me....a LITTLE bit harder.

A great work-out; especially for someone just starting out exercising and/or hiking. I love this hike, and so does my dog! Highly recommended!

Allen Deane (198)

22 Completed2 Reviews

Burr Pond is a great place to go for a quick brisk hike before or after work. It's great place to bring your doggie friends.
If you're more adventurous, you can locate the John Muir trail up on the western side and hike over to Hall Meadow and Sunnybrook in Torrington.

Tim Dzurnak (239)

2 Completed4 Reviews

most is easy, but some part's are moderate.if you park at the boat launch or another place you can avoid the park entrance fee.it's a nice walk..