Holmes Creek

Vernon, FL

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Holmes Creek is a short run full of beauty and nature.

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Josh Webster (87)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Probably one of the most beautiful springs there is. If you have your own canoe, kayak, or boat you have to put in downstream and paddle upstream. It is definitely a sight to see though. When I was little there was a canoe livery right at the main spring. You could rent canoes and swim there as long as you wanted. People used to cave dive there until they blew it in, because it was deemed a hazard. This place holds some of my favorite childhood memories. The water is crystal clear and ice cold. There are fish and it's a great snorkeling destination too. The main spring (cypress) is about 15-20 deep.

Ashley Pollette (4369)

45 Completed35 Reviews

Holmes Creek is a short run full of beauty and nature for those who wish to paddle early in the morning or during the week to beat the crowds of locals headed for Cypress Springs. Cypress Springs is a must see. Take a rope swing and drop right in the middle of the springs. Cool off in crystal clear water among the odd shape Tupelo trees.