Bear Hair Gap Trail

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Bear Hair Gap Trail is a 3.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Suches, GA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.8 miles 816 feet Loop
dog friendly hiking
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Directions from Blairsville: Take US 19 and 129 south from Blairsville for 10 miles. Turn right into Vogel State Park.

maria sanders
1 month ago

7 Completed1 Reviews

Bryan Bell
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Just finished the hike. Beginning is very steep uphill and rather rocky. The Vogel Outlook is worth the time getting there. The trail is marked fairly well until the Wolf Creek area. The park map isn't in great detail, so I crossed Wolf Creek like I "thought" I was supposed to, then turned left going down the "unknown" trail. The trail instantly became very narrow, and at one point, you almost had to slide down a rock bed covered in mud to continue. 300 foot drop in just a minute. Very steep. I'll do the trail again, this time with a much better map. Overall, nice hike, but more on the difficult side.

Diane Olans
1 month ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

March 30 2016 trail was up hill all the way up , very rocky and hard to walk, trail not marked well and colors of green changed and was confusing . Sign for Loop pointed wrong way and made us take wrong trail. Items reported to Vogel State Park Ranger

J Day
2 months ago

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We started at the ranger station at Vogel. Went counter clock wise to Vogel overlook. Took 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the overlook. Great view. Temperature was in the 60s. No leaves on the trees yet. The trail was mostly up hill all the way to the overlook with grades of up to 35 degrees. Very rocky for about half the distance. Did not see any bears or snakes. Saw many different kinds of birds. Enjoyable day. We came back the same way we went up to the overlook. To me I did not think this was an easy trail because of the steady up hill.

Troy McNeely
2 months ago

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I am a novice hiker. So, for a "Rookie", this trail was a good challenge. I overheard a couple of other groups commenting that they wished they had brought more water.

We took some young Boy Scouts on the trail. We camped at the Pioneer Campsite and went counter clockwise. That was a good plan, because the finish was a rather steep decline and it ended at our base camp.

My favorite part of the trail was at the "Karma Rock Pile". I hope all of the previous hikers enjoyed the hike.

I hope you enjoy your hike.

alan kemp
3 months ago

11 Completed12 Reviews

i would rate this trail strenuous due to steep sections and numerous creek crossings that require rock hopping or getting wet. hiking poles are recommended. much of the bear hair runs along old jeep trails that go straight up or down with no switchbacks. the middle section is about a mile of level walking which was enjoyable. i could hear the wind screaming over blood mountain but the trail was protected. i did not go out to the vogel overlook. there are a lot of old growth pine and hemlock trees. total time about 2 hours. 4 humans and no animals were encountered.

Robin Morris
4 months ago

113 Completed108 Reviews

Robin Morris
4 months ago

113 Completed108 Reviews

Jason Reiling
8 months ago

79 Completed63 Reviews

Reviewing as part of Coosa Backcountry. You can take many ways around this large loop, and bear hair is a loop within a loop. We did this as part of hiking up to the AT and back down and did the rest of Coosa at a different time. This is a nice hike. Not a lot of adventure, pretty straightforward and if you tae the spur at the top you get some nice views.

Coosa Backcountry is a great rail and I highly recommend as loops of this perfect length, at about 13 miles, are hard to find. Noosa Bald is outstanding and I would like to camp there, but not too excited about carrying water up the climb. There are a lot of nice camp sights around the Coosa Backcountry and you can make it a really nice hike

Suzy McEver
11 months ago

6 Completed2 Reviews

Loved this trail! Nice and easy with little inclines but with very beautiful views, Saw several large snakes. Got caught in a thunderstorm at mile 2 but that made for a great trail run.

Nick Tippens
1 year ago

4 Completed3 Reviews

I did this trail in late February after a snow storm had hit north Georgia. There were about three inches of snow on the ground for almost the entire hike, which made it spectacularly beautiful. It is not a very strenuous hike, and would be good for someone trying to ease their way into day hiking. Make sure you take the little outlook loop about halfway around the main loop to get to the best view of the lake at the bottom of Vogel State Park as well as the mountains beyond. This is a really enjoyable hike that took us about 3 hours including a 25 minute break at the overlook and several photo stops along the way.

Bil Kennedy
1 year ago

32 Completed3 Reviews

it's alright, nothing spectacular.

Wendell Bohannon
2 years ago

46 Completed26 Reviews

Easy trail with a couple of small stream crossings requiring rock jumping and limb balancing.

Ashley Pollette
2 years ago

48 Completed35 Reviews

My thirteen-year-old grandsons loved this hike. We did not have the pleasure of seeing a bear or bear hair, but came across some fresh scat that was interesting to those in the group who had never seen bear scat. We also found a ringneck snake, which the boys caught, examined and then released. This is a great family hike.

Michael Martinson
3 years ago

10 Completed4 Reviews

Was a nicer trail than I had anticipated. Nothing spectacular about it, it was just enjoyable. Did well to make me feel like I was really away from everything, out in the middle of nowhere. I did the trail clockwise, which left the majority of the elevation climb in a short horizontal distance. The other direction would have allowed for a continuous low slope, would have been much easier. Was perfect for my dog, she loved to stop at all the stream for a quick dip.

Matt Ayers
3 years ago

50 Completed21 Reviews

Started at Vogel and you follow the creek up the mountain, did this in January and it had just rained so the waterfalls were awesome! When we got to the top we took the added mile to the top of blood mountain which I highly recommend for the spectacular views! Only note I would add is if you want to hike the loop counter clockwise go right at the 4way intersection. The signs are not clear and we went straight which was still fun but running out of daylight we had to retrace our steps and missed out on the doing the whole loop.

Hiking Diva .
4 years ago

140 Completed91 Reviews

Arrived later than anticipated at Vogel State Park, and wanted to "do" Bear Hair Gap Trail and get to walk-in campsite before dark... So I didn't take as many pictures or make as many mental notes as I normally do. I rated it moderate because there are some inclines. The views were okay and there are some nice sections by a creek.

The trail is a loop, you can start from either direction. I went counter-clockwise. The trail was in pretty good condition, but there were sections that required you to watch your step (rocky, rooty). Was not particularly challenging, but there was a slight incline to get the heart pumping.

Definitely take the time to do the Vogel Overlook spur. It's a lovely view.

My blog includes gpx file, tips, pictures and more detailed info.

Mike Frank
4 years ago

10 Completed4 Reviews

This is a great hike. Myself a buddy and his 3 girls (8-12) hiked this and did some geocaching in the area. The waterfalls are amazing. The terrain is pretty easy, a few creek crossings. We combined this with trails in the area for about an 8 mile day. Check out the lake view overlook at the summit it's worth the hike.

Mickey Hollingsworth
4 years ago

29 Completed2 Reviews

Hiked this trail on 12/11/2011

Brian B
5 years ago

5 Completed5 Reviews

This is a great afternoon hike with enough elevation change to call it a climb, but not enough to exclude inexperienced hikers. The majority of the trail advances through a thick forest canopy with little undergrowth, which means that while there's not a lot of vantage points to view, the short-distance scenery is still varied and breathtaking. At the top of the trail is one great vantage point, however, where you can look down on Vogel State Park's central attraction, Lake Trahlyta. If you're camping in the park, it's sort of an "I can see my house from here" moment.