Blood Mountain Trail

#1 of 6 trails in Vogel State Park

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Blood Mountain Trail is a 7.2 mile loop trail located near Blairsville, Georgia that features a great forest setting. The trail is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen and primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible Spring or Fall. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Vita Mileriute (67)

6 Completed1 Reviews

We started our hike just after 9am on Sunday morning. We only met a few hikers during our hike, don't know why (possibly because of unattractive weather forecast) - but can't complain about that.
We were not prepared, didn't really study trails and didn't have trailmap, which was quite tricky as we wanted to do a loop instead of going back the same way from the summit. It took as a while and couple more miles to figure it out, so we made 9.5miles trip, which was a great workout. Will be back in fall, recommended!

Ron Kolenda (103)

2 Completed1 Reviews

completed as part of the AT, definitely as awesome as it gets. downhill will test your knees and joints.

Rick Howard (82)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Challenging and beautiful. First time on this trail, but I plan to come back. The views are stunning.

Emory Davis (805)

17 Completed8 Reviews

Oh yea. Loved this one. Up by way of switchback with a great reward. Quite a few snakes during the even mildly warmer days. Just another good reason to always have a hiking staff

Brian Wile (57)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail, and the perfect distance from the city for a day hike. Our dogs love it, and there are plenty of flat rocks with great views.

Jennifer Kemerer (103)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Fantastic Views, pretty crowded when the weather is nice but great hike!

Tia Blandenburg (108)

5 Completed1 Reviews

I hiked this trail over the weekend! First hike ever and I am absolutely hooked! It definitely isn't easy, but the view was so beautiful and worth it!

Randall Ricketson (425)

46 Completed6 Reviews

best views of mountains i have ever seen in ga....definitely a challenging adventure and hike

William Lacoste (465)

12 Completed9 Reviews

Sub freezing temps ..microspikes were necc.. difficult but well worth the efforts. As usual, I was overpacked

Adam Butti (39)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Took the trail this morning. First time really hiking... I'm hooked! It was awesome. It rained on us for most of the hike but cleared up right when we reached the first bald. The views from the peak lit a fire in me for this.