Brasstown Bald

#8 of 143 trails in Cohutta Wildlife Management Area

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Brasstown Bald is a 1 mile out and back trail located near Hiawassee, Georgia that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for birding & hiking and is accessible from May until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Adam Foster (74)

1 Completed1 Reviews

steep walk up a paved road. however look at weather forecasts if there are any clouds you can not see at the top. good day trip.

Taylor Farr (569)

21 Completed20 Reviews

Michael Francis (132)

10 Completed4 Reviews

We've done this walk several times to go to the top of the mountain. I wouldn't classify it as a hike as much as a long walk up a sidewalk on a mountain top. It's pretty steep the whole way, but there are a few benches and spots along the way to sit and catch your breath. The view from the top is really great. On another note, if you have a telescope, this is a great place to go at night. They allow you to go to the parking lot, but not on up to the top of the mountain, just pay the parking fee at the parking lot and you can stargaze all night long. Several of the local astronomy clubs go here fairly often.

Jon-Michael Peterson (138)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Relatively vertical and short trail. It's fully paved and quite shaded. Also, if you dread the trail but want to see the sights, a van will take you to the top. There is another trail connected to it that is much longer if you want to make more of a day hike out of it. The view from the top is one of the best in GA and the visitor center there is VERY informative.

Jaclyn null (1073)

21 Completed15 Reviews

Are you in northeast Georgia or considering a trip there? You've gotta see Brasstown Bald! The walk up doesn't take too long. It is a paved path that is well-maintained. It's all uphill, so be sure to grab a bottle of water before you begin your hike up. The views from the top are unparalleled, especially on a cool, clear day, so be sure to bring your camera, too! The observation area is great. There is an education center and a short film that runs every few minutes. The walk back down is super easy. Overall, this location is definitely family friendly. If you want to get to the top without the hike, you can pay a few bucks and hitch a ride in one of Brasstown Bald's transportation vans.

I've been to this spot on a number of occasions and it remains one of my favorite things to do.

Ryan Watkins (181)

4 Completed4 Reviews

This short trail, only around half of a mile, has a steep incline of some 500 feet. The path is paved and at the top is the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald. The hike isn't particularly scenic, and there's usually a decent crowd coming and going. The views at the top, however, are amazing and worth the pain of the short hike.

Amber Loomis (79)

5 Completed2 Reviews

I have hiked this trail probably half a dozen or more times. The trail is short and paved, but steep. The views at the top are amazing especially in fall when the leaves are turning.

Emily Wynona (216)

9 Completed6 Reviews

Steep, but paved. It's heavily used and a big tourist attraction. The trail has several resting points. The center at the top is full of sights and information and has a small theater. There's also a shuttle to the top.

Taylor Farr (569)

21 Completed20 Reviews

Fun trail in pretty descent shape. Really enjoyable day hike and is pretty steep at the beginning.

Alex Campoe (282)

3 Completed3 Reviews

It is truly beautiful at the top, with wonderful views from all 3 states. The trail is handicapped friendly most days EXCEPT when we showed up. Unfortunately my mother in law was not able to join us. Overall, great experience.