Dauset Trails Nature Center

Jackson, GA
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Dauset Trails Nature Center is a 10.5 mile loop trail located near Jackson, Georgia that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for mountain biking.



20 Completed 12 Reviews

This is a fun trail. It is a moderate trail with some challenging areas. Total of the trails is approximately 11 miles. The scenery is nice, trails are well marked and very clear, and you may see some deer along the way.


Gail Anderson


61 Completed 19 Reviews

Great hiking trail if you go early in the morning on a weekday. Lots of ups and downs, and GREAT scenery. If you walk quietly, you will see lots of wildlife. Forest has variety so you don't get bored with the scenery. I loved it!



8 Completed 1 Reviews

Had a great time! Well balanced climbs and descents. Park has a lot to offer beyond the trails as well. Check out their website for trail maps.



40 Completed 6 Reviews

Great park if you are near the area, I got about 9 miles in, could've done more but there happened to be a race that day (luckily I got on the trails before the racers).