Olde Rope Mill Park

The trails here are the Explorer Trail (about 3.5 miles total) and the Avalanche Trail (6.25 miles total), but each trail is made up of three loops that are "stacked" so you can choose your mileage. There are paved and off-road trails suitable for walkers, runners, hikers and bikers.

5.1 miles Loop 96 feet
Dog Friendly
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All trails here are directional by day of the week. The directions below are for mountain biking. If hiking/running, go the OPPOSITE way of the bikers!

Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri Clockwise or To the left
Tue/Thu/Sat Counter-Clockwise or To the right

Claire Kelly

2 Completed1 Reviews

If you're looking for a "hiking" trail this is not your best choice. One side has a trail that's last about 15 minutes by the rivers and trees and the other side, which is suposibly the trail, is a concrete walkway.
Beautiful river though.

Michelle Leblanc

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great for a good local morning or after work hike

Marcia S.

Great mountain biking trails for trail running.

Keith Bussey

5 Completed4 Reviews

The trail's landscape is beautiful. However, the trails are poorly marked. Apparently the direction of travel for hikers and bikers are opposite of one another. The direction of travel differs by day as well, which isn't clearly stated on the trails themselves. It would be helpful if the direction of travel is posted throughout the paths including who (hikers or cyclists) should walk where on which day.

Some of the bikers are rude and off putting, especially if you get the direction of travel wrong. If you have a thick skin and patience go for it!

Nicky B.

Rope Mill is great! It is family friendly. The mountain bike trails are super! Especially since they have added new trails across the river. So much fun for all levels!

James Taylor

11 Completed5 Reviews

I have done mountain bike racing, obstacle races & weekend fun. Best for a number of sites or activities and yes the directions are wrong enter off ridge walk pkwy

Tiffani Hollis

1 Completed1 Reviews

directions are very wrong. entrance is off Ridgewalk Pkwy by the new outlet shoppes.

Christina Regensburger

1 Completed1 Reviews

The Avalanche and Explorer Trails are part of the Taylor Randahl Memorial Bike Trails at Olde Rope Mill Park. This is important information. Hikers must travel in the opposite direction of the cyclists; with good reason. The directions alternate with days of the week. There are signs at each trail head, telling you which way to go. THESE ARE FOR THE BIKES. I got it wrong on the first trail and other hikers/cyclists showed enough disgust to prevent me from repeating that error. On the Avalanche Trail, my hiking group was going in the right direction and clearing the path for bikes quickly. One cyclist was audibly disgusted with our existence. The trails are wonderful. We saw one little snake and walked around it. I would love to hike these trails again but probably won't (unless it's a bike-free day).

Andrew Platt

1 Completed1 Reviews

Those are not the right directions or need to be updated. We followed them line by line and it ended up dead ending into a sub division. Pretty frustrating when your new to the area.

Tiffany Barr

23 Completed6 Reviews

I took the Avalanche trail and loved it. I'll be back.