CLOSED: Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven)

Honolulu, HI

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A powerful storm passed over the island of Oahu on 2/14/2015 which caused significant damage to the stairway, rendering them unusable. After the storm damage, five hikers got stuck on the east side of the mountain's ridge and were trapped overnight and had to be rescued.

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Jason Leiva (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I am looking for someone or a group of people to do the Haiku Stairs with? I will be in Maui for a few days. I could do the hike on either 3/27 or 3/28. If anyone is interested in joining me, call or email.
305.962.2025 -

peter vandermeulen (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I am going to hike moanalua ridge trail March 27th or 28th and going down the stairs. I have one car to park at the beginning or end. Anyone interested in parking another car on the opposite side to save a 50$ cab ride? You can mail or call me: / +1 (857) 413 1732

Jocelyn Jackson (56)

1 Completed3 Reviews

Looking to hike the stairs between 3/24 and 3/29. I have a few people that are interested, but I'd like to get a big group together. Email me if you're interested.

Jimmy Broadhurst (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Myself and 2 others completed the stairs today and it was epic! We are not super fit or experienced hikers so decided to roll the dice and go both up and down the stairs rather than up the back way.
We followed some directions (link attached - 2nd entry up drain way then followed pink/orange markers which were really helpful) and made our way to the base where the guard is stationed (arrived about 9am). The guard told us it's closed and cops would be called on our decent but we said we were going to continue over the back trail and not come down which he said was fine. The climb itself felt safe with the stairs and hand rails the whole way (damaged section wasn't bad at all).
We passed 2 other groups on the way who had come up the back way and all said it was pretty sketchy. When we got to the top we could see why - very narrow path, really windy, steep drops either side and no rails or steps for safety. We therefore decided to go back down the stairs and not risk it. We happened to catch up to another group and all reached the guard at the same time who told us cops were on the way - unsure if this was true or not or if we just got lucky on the day but we quickly went back out the way we came and got away unscathed!
In summary it is an epic climb and if u are like me and going to do it anyway my suggestion would be going up the stairs and down as this seemed very safe if u don't go beyond the rails and do stupid things. The back way is where the accidents seem to occur!

PDiddy B. (36)

I thank God that I'm alive.
I set out to hike the Haiku Stair the 'legal' way. The beginning of the trail from the Moanalua Valley Park was easy - the first approximately two miles are along basically a road. I then came to a sign for the Kulana Ahane Trail. I had read conflicting reports about how hard it was to find the trail up to the back side of the Haiku Stairs - so I was quite pleased that the Kulana Ahane Trail was so well marked. However, this is NOT the trail that leads to a strenuous hike up to the Haiku Stairs. Instead, this trail becomes a bit of a spine near the top and T's into another trail that runs along a spine. At this point, I could look down and see H3 and to the East I could see one of the satellite dishes at the top of the Haiku Stairs. I was a little surprised that the online trail reviews that I had read didn't talk about walking on a 5 foot wide spine (reviews of Olomana Three Peaks mention this repeatedly). I traversed the first section of spine and then had to pull myself up some loose rocks. I traversed a second section with some up and down. The satellite dish was still a ways off and turning around seemed precarious (I'd rather climb up than down). I kept thinking that after the next little rock ascent that the trail must level out or get wider or have some ropes. It was on my third rock ascent that my footing gave way. I fell an estimated 50 feet. I am grateful to Hawaiian's Fire and Rescue! They airlifted me from the back side of the ridge.
I know a debate rages about closing these trails all together versus making a few well marked and maintained trails. I'm not looking to enter any debates. I just wanted to add a post to go alongside all of the "this was the most amazing hike ever" posts and let people know that it can be very dangerous up there. As far as my reference points for hiking - I led mountaineering expeditions in the Adirondacks for two summers, I have hiked large chunks of the Appalachian Trail, and I've hiked in Zion’s National Park alongside 300' drop-offs. I was reckless for being alone but felt prepared for the elements and felt a safety net because I was texting my location along the trek to a friend.
Hopefully you don't make the same mistakes that I made. Hopefully you can enjoy the beautiful creation and the breathtaking views.

Cristian Pacheco (106)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Going to go to stairway tomorrow march 14 at 6am if anyone wants to come we will be going through the back way....also me and my guys are gonna be on the lookout for the kid that has been missing hopefully we find something...let me know if y'all want to come with us email me at

Thu Pham (107)

2 Completed2 Reviews

planning to go the legal way saturday, March 14th. Driving from Waikiki and going down the stairs. Am I correct to assume once I reach the bottom of the stairs I need to walk through a neighborhood and cab it back to my car at the start point?

Joe Hardy (41)

1 Completed1 Reviews

looking for hiking mates from 3/16 to 3/21/15 up me :P

Jeanette Kramer (171)

4 Completed2 Reviews

an 18 year old has gone missing on or around this hike since 2/27/15. do not hike in this area unless you are going to help look for him. also do not wear a white shirt since that was one of the things he was wearing. the rescuers don't need any miss leads due to what you are wearing.

Diego Lugo (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I'm going to be going to Waikiki from May 13th through the 20th. If anyone wants to show me how to get there, please let me know. I am willing to pay!