hamama falls

hamama falls is a 1.5 mile out and back trail located near Kaneohe, Hawaii that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.5 miles Out & Back 372 feet
Dog Friendly
hiking dogs leash river waterfall
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Andrew Maxfield

12 Completed5 Reviews

Great time. Easy hike up a gravel path. Falls at the end are very nice and refreshingly cool!! Many state department workers w/ vehicles did not seem to mind a bit we were hiking up the path, despite the sign on the gate at the bottom.

Ellen Mitsoglou

3 Completed2 Reviews

Great waterfall hike! Takes about 40mins to climb to the falls. You have to go thru a cut fence that says NO TRESPASSING but I saw that know one actually listens to the sign. Anyhow it's a hot climb so bring lots of water.

Christopher Branyord

7 Completed7 Reviews

Good hike, gravel road all the way to the falls. You have alternate routes if you choose to make it more interesting. Really nice and quiet all the way up hearing the creek. There is a gate at the entrance way that through me off not knowing the way to the trail.


4 Completed4 Reviews

Kathryn K.

You have to enter through a cut fence- or perhaps there is a different entrance point we didn't see- but there are also signs that it is not open to the public and you can be fined. There is a dammed up pool about .25 miles in which has clearly been enjoyed by some locals for partying as there were beer cans laying around. Once we moved past that, the trail is nicely clear with a well groomed gravel/dirt path up to the falls. The falls are pretty and it was overall a nice, fairly moderate to easy hike.

Steve Hab.

9 Completed2 Reviews

A lot of fun! I would suggest trying to go early in the morning to beat the traffic and when it's dry. If you go when it's wet, be prepared to fall. Also, if you're slow on the trail and someone faster comes up behind you, have common sense and move.

Tracey Menten

3 Completed3 Reviews

This "paved" hike followed a wide path and for the most part was easy walking. However there were a few stretches where the incline was a bit steep & since it had just rained, it was slick, but really the only danger is falling on your bum. You're not hiking a narrow, dangerous path at all. It was cloudy when we walked it, but there is not a lot of cover most of the way up, so if it's sunny, be sure to bring water & a hat. Bug spray is a must. The views are green, green, & more green & the waterfall at the end is really beautiful.

Kathryn W.

Nice paved hike with great waterfall at the end.

Cord Browning

2 Completed2 Reviews

Fun for me and my dog

Abigail Engler

4 Completed4 Reviews

Beautiful views! Super easy, enjoyable, pet and kid friendly hike. There are tree caves to explore and a swimming hole. Just bring bug repellent! My friend got eaten alive!