Koko Crater Railway Trail

#1 of 2 trails in koko head park

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Koko Head/Crater area; Hwy 72 to Koko Crater hike 1100 demanding steps up a railway - great workout for great views of the area east of Waikiki.

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Cody Trimm (186)

10 Completed6 Reviews

A short hike to the top but it can be very strenuous if you're not used to the elevation. I am not and was huffing and puffing as I slowly made it up (took me a little less than an hour I think). The views at the top are absolutely amazing! I found it more rewarding and a little nicer than Diamondhead because of less people and you actually had to work to get there! Like others have said don't go in the midday heat, I did and regret it.

Rolland-Angee Van Meter (300)

7 Completed4 Reviews

Holy cow! What a workout. The views at top are totally worth it. If you go during the day take plenty of water. It will be hot. Did a sunrise hike too, definitely enjoyed it more because it was cooler.

Julie R. (153)

KoKo Head is beautiful but go before the sun comes up otherwise it is so HOT

Kelley Poe (42)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Elyar Samadi (92)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing, very hard and dangerous. Avoid the people who are running up and down, they might harm you too! On you way back be very careful on the bridge, it's the most dangerous part your legs might start to vibrate because tiredness. Don't strath it fast trust me it's gonna get very hard the last 500 stairs, I believe there are 1050 stairs.

Micaela S. (143)

Carla Gosline (195)

10 Completed2 Reviews

Stair master on steroids! Great workout! Hot, no shade... take water and sunscreen. The views are amazing!

Allen Foos (192)

13 Completed9 Reviews

This is a great quick cardio workout and spectacular views! If you're moving briskly, 20 - 25 minutes to the top. Unrelenting climb, feels like a 45 degree angle. I love the part where you're going over the open railroad ties. Very popular and busy, but plenty of parking nearby. Do it twice for an intense workout.

Kristi Hurd (117)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Man what a demanding climb but oh was it worth it. The gem of a cute at the top is breathtaking. (Not for the weary)

Marife Solomon (163)

17 Completed1 Reviews

One of my fave "sweet & short" hike. Did this again the 4th time on 4th of July and despite having too many people crowding the steps it took me only 25 minutes to reach the top, my goal is to finished this hike in 15 mins! I love this hike for i am "huffing & puffing & felt like i am gonna have SVT's" each time but once i passed the warming up on my heart rate, I'm good to go. Yesterday was my Nico's (13 y.o.) first attempt to climbed Koko, and he was able to reached the top after an hour, i have to go down and check on him (my good husband stayed with him). I saw a lot of young kids going up & down without a sweat, some were even running & jumping, so i kept teasing him and told him he has to do it again, without a word his facial expression was protesting. I also saw a very pregnant lady, maybe on her 3rd trimester, on top of the trail, and so i gave her a thumbs up. Better do this early in the morning, my back got toasted from the sweltering heat of the sun.