Koko Crater Railway Trail

#1 of 2 trails in koko head park

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Koko Head/Crater area; Hwy 72 to Koko Crater hike 1100 demanding steps up a railway - great workout for great views of the area east of Waikiki.

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Micaela S. (143)

Carla Gosline (195)

10 Completed2 Reviews

Stair master on steroids! Great workout! Hot, no shade... take water and sunscreen. The views are amazing!

Allen Foos (177)

11 Completed8 Reviews

This is a great quick cardio workout and spectacular views! If you're moving briskly, 20 - 25 minutes to the top. Unrelenting climb, feels like a 45 degree angle. I love the part where you're going over the open railroad ties. Very popular and busy, but plenty of parking nearby. Do it twice for an intense workout.

Kristi Hurd (117)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Man what a demanding climb but oh was it worth it. The gem of a cute at the top is breathtaking. (Not for the weary)

Marife Solomon (163)

17 Completed1 Reviews

One of my fave "sweet & short" hike. Did this again the 4th time on 4th of July and despite having too many people crowding the steps it took me only 25 minutes to reach the top, my goal is to finished this hike in 15 mins! I love this hike for i am "huffing & puffing & felt like i am gonna have SVT's" each time but once i passed the warming up on my heart rate, I'm good to go. Yesterday was my Nico's (13 y.o.) first attempt to climbed Koko, and he was able to reached the top after an hour, i have to go down and check on him (my good husband stayed with him). I saw a lot of young kids going up & down without a sweat, some were even running & jumping, so i kept teasing him and told him he has to do it again, without a word his facial expression was protesting. I also saw a very pregnant lady, maybe on her 3rd trimester, on top of the trail, and so i gave her a thumbs up. Better do this early in the morning, my back got toasted from the sweltering heat of the sun.

Doris Dualan (1108)

34 Completed15 Reviews

Have done this hike plenty of times...My kind of hike...short and and sweet...

David Kennedy (249)

12 Completed9 Reviews

Everything you have heard. Goes straight up. Quick. Great views though.

ONeil L (102)

4 Completed2 Reviews

What can I say?? For inclines this has been my most challenging. The numbers along the side help keep you motivated to continue. I carried my 2 y/o daughter which added additional difficulty coming up. If your afraid of a small expansion this is not for you. I witnessed a person turn around because of it. Great challenge.

Puss Small Boots (10519)

85 Completed57 Reviews

Try the side trail that runs parallel to the Log ties. Just make sure you have shoes with good grips.

David Leonard (61)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I don't know if I'm just that out of shape or because it was my second hike of the day, but this was no joke. My muscles were fine, but my heart and lungs couldn't keep pace. It was also hot out. The ties are unevenly space horizontally and vertically. Some on the trellis were wobbly too. The was down was easy although I heard many older people complaining about the strain on their knees ( totally understandable). Great views if you go all the way to the top and look into the caldera.