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Short hike to a jumping and swimming spot with great views of volcanic cliffs, waterfalls and the Hawaiian surf.

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Kaley Barrow (421)

15 Completed0 Reviews

Easy hike to Queen's Bath.

Sue Kent (1621)

42 Completed29 Reviews

Lots of turtles and a great sunset. You need to be watching the waves because it can be dangerous.

Julie Dunn (226)

5 Completed5 Reviews

dan Klein (1923)

35 Completed15 Reviews

Daisy N. (58)

Great short walk to the ocean, great to just relax and hear and see the waves

Landon Elscott (153)

2 Completed2 Reviews

The hike itself is very short and pretty easy - although there's a couple areas where I suppose you could twist an ankle. The stream running alongside the trail is certainly pretty, but the great view occurs as it opens up to the coastline.

It is here that many tourists think they've arrived at Queen's Bath but I'm fact you must continue down the coast a bit farther to roughly the third "pool" along the coast. You can tell it is the Queen's Bath due to a sort of stream of water into it.

Important: While the trail along the coast may seem to be a simple stroll along the rocks, do not be fooled. On rough days in winter months especially, large north shore waves can crash along the walking surface. Secondly, while the bath is a popular swimming location, it has taken many lives as even on the calmest days a rogue, rare wave can crash into the bath with lots of force. In fact, even if the water is completely calm and has been for many minutes, the north shore waves can be impossibly difficult to predict and end up turning very rough in a matter of seconds.

j. blackhawk (263)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Beautiful and my favorite spot to visit in Kauai. It's become well marked over the years and now has official parking spaces... I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Gorgeous views but was a bit busy.

kari brunson (329)

13 Completed8 Reviews

definitely a must for kauai.

Anton Wilson (102)

6 Completed3 Reviews

This is a great short hike. Take a swim in the pool and stay for the sunset for some great pictures.

Kim Howe (630)

4 Completed2 Reviews

I'd echo Bill Watson's review. Not really a hike... just a short 5 minute trek down a steep muddy incline and then left and another 5 minutes across the laval shelf to the tidal pool. Wear your bathing suit and bring a snorkel to get the full experience! The water is crystal clear and generally safe, as long as you jump only in the deep center of the pool and swim inland to avoid the waves near the pool mouth. Lots of sea turtles in this area, just beyond the lava wall. The best/safer view beyond the wall can be had by swimming across to the higher rocks on the far side of the pool.

Queen's Bath is lovely but not great for kids, unless yours are slow, careful steppers and you don't mind the whining when they aren't allowed to jump in the pool.

Arrive close to sunrise to have the place to yourself.