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Short hike to a jumping and swimming spot with great views of volcanic cliffs, waterfalls and the Hawaiian surf.

Short hike from a residential area to great views of volcanic cliffs, waterfalls and the Hawaiian surf. Take your swimsuit, you can easily jump off the sides into the pool and you can rest next to the ocean if the surf is not too rough. The Queen's Bath is a unique tidal pool on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The pool is a sinkhole surrounded by igneous rock and located on the north shore of Kauai near Princeville. The swimming area is accessible via a short trail. During the winter when wave activity is violent, it is considered dangerous. In small surfusually in the summerthe water in the pool is calm and makes a great place to chill. Small fish and tiny sea life also live in the tide pool, such as Hawaiian sea urchins, Angelfish and the small critter locals call "Ghost fish."

The original "Queen's Bath" was located in Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was formed after a lava tube collapsed and filled with fresh water supplied by natural springs. In ancient times only the Alii (Royalty) were permitted entry to the sacred waters. In 1983 Kilauea Volcano erupted and in 1987 the original site was destroyed by lava flow. Only after the original site on the Big Island of Hawaii was destroyed did the location on Kauai become better known as "Queen's Bath." This tidal pool was used for what it sounds like; it was a royal bathing place. It was also used as a place of relaxation when an Alii needed to "wash off the stress".


Take Highway 56 to Princeville. Turn right on Ka Haku Road. Turn right on Punahele and right again on Kapiolani. Park along the road at the end of Kapiolani and follow the dirt trail downhill along the stream to the rocky cliffs. At the end of the dirt trail turn left for about walking across the flat volcanic rock to the Bath.

Park on the road - there is actually a small 4 car parking lot on the cul-de-sac; be courteous as this is a residential / resort area.

Princeville at Hanalei
5-3900 Kuhio Highway
Princeville, HI 96722-3040

Website: E-mail:

Princeville @ Hanalei Directory

Princeville Realty: (808) 826-3040
Prince Golf Course: (808) 826-5001
St. Regis Princeville Resort: (808) 826-9644
The Westin Ocean Resort Villas: (808) 827-8808
Princeville Ranch: (808) 826-7669



6 Completed 3 Reviews

This is a great short hike. Take a swim in the pool and stay for the sunset for some great pictures.



4 Completed 2 Reviews

I'd echo Bill Watson's review. Not really a hike... just a short 5 minute trek down a steep muddy incline and then left and another 5 minutes across the laval shelf to the tidal pool. Wear your bathing suit and bring a snorkel to get the full experience! The water is crystal clear and generally safe, as long as you jump only in the deep center of the pool and swim inland to avoid the waves near the pool mouth. Lots of sea turtles in this area, just beyond the lava wall. The best/safer view beyond the wall can be had by swimming across to the higher rocks on the far side of the pool.

Queen's Bath is lovely but not great for kids, unless yours are slow, careful steppers and you don't mind the whining when they aren't allowed to jump in the pool.

Arrive close to sunrise to have the place to yourself.



524 Completed 169 Reviews

After hiking the Na Pali coast as far as we could without an overnight permit and then snorkeling at Tunnels Beach, we headed down to the Queen's bath to chill a bit. Nice little hike down a muddy trail - you can slip if you're not careful, and then you reach the lava shelf.... turn left and walk along the shelf to the Queens Bath - which is a natural pool on a lava bench, and dangerous if surf is high (usually in the winter), or can even be dangerous in calm surf if a rogue wave comes in. Access to Queens Bath is via the trail off Kapiolani Rd near Punahele Rd in Princeville. The trail to the bath passes a marvelous waterfall on right after a few mins. After dropping 120 ft the trail encounters the ocean at the lava shoreline where a small waterfall drops directly into the ocean. Go to the left along the lava for 300 yards - the Queens bath is recessed in the rock and is part of a horseshoe-shaped lava cut. You can jump about 10' from the shelf into the water, but make sure you check out where the deep hole in the shelf is before you jump as these volcanic rocks are like glass along the edges. Great views of Kauai all around. You get a nice experience with little effort.


Erich Lippincott


10 Completed 4 Reviews

Nice little trail. Beautiful views. Now that many people know about it, it's become more crowded. 50/50 chance of grabbing a parking spot from sun up to sun down.



7 Completed 3 Reviews

Trail to the queens bath was pretty nice ending in a waterfall. But the queens bath was unimpressive and rocky. There were some teenagers jumping into the tidal area which was dangerous. Very disappointed. Maybe it depends on the tide.



44 Completed 43 Reviews

absolutely beautiful views of the ocean and the pools. There is not much parking, plus there isn't signs to get there. You need to find it on the web. Be careful. It's not kid friendly. You will be walking across lava rocks.



9 Completed 1 Reviews

Not so much of a hike but definitely worth the look, the queens bath has some neat fish but typically only smaller and only a couple species. We jumped in the ocean and swam/photographed the hunu (green sea turtles) feeding in the rocks. Super Neat! Check it out.



9 Completed 9 Reviews

This is not a hike so much as an in and out walk down to the coast. What makes this worth it is watching the sea turtles! This trail can be slippery when wet. When you get to the bottom, hang a right over to the flat lava plateau and watch for the turtles. Magnificient!!